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In the place where no man has gone before--the ladies' restroom--Danni Lynne knows we're spying on her and that's fine with her. She enjoys it when guys eye-worship her voluptuous, traffic-stopping body. Primping in the mirror, she can feel our peepers roaming over her big 36EEE boobs, her booty and her legs. Danni gets on the floor to show even more and give you the grand tour. "I think my boobs are the best part of my body," said Danni, a sexy blend of black, Hispanic and Japanese and a newcomer to nekkid modeling. "My legs are my second best." It sounds like a stiff breeze will turn Danni on. Her hardcore scenes are off the charts. "Anything will turn me on. You blow in my ear and I am yours! I'll feel the chill. I'll be like, 'Oh my god!' But then I'll realize what's going on, so I won't just go off with him.
Featuring: Danni Lynne
Date: April 28th, 2016
Duration: 14:53

Member Comments

2 years ago 
What you guys at Score are crazy? This is the last of Danni's serries? Cmon Score. Grow a pair and realize she has found a permanent home here at score. Reverse that decision now. I'm so in love with her. She's a 11/10. Keep her coming.
2 years ago 
We NEED more Danni! The reason I joined this site!!
2 years ago 
Don't let her go, she's marvelous and we need Danni in more scenes !
2 years ago 
Danni Lynne has a rather pretty face and fantastic jumbo tits on a slim frame. Her tits always seem like they want to burst out of whatever top she is wearing and say hello to you. I would love to meet her and them.
2 years ago 
Of Course ask her to come back for more pictures and video :) Danni is absolutely beautiful. The only request that I would have is ask her to let her bush grow out some more I would be eternally grateful.
2 years ago 
PLEASE have this amazing model back!! Danni is absolutely gorgeous and another 10 rounds of pictures and videos are needed. With her figure, face, and exoticism, she could be an all-time great with enough material.
2 years ago 
Oh Danni You are so beautiful and so red hot exotic sexy with that amazing body especially those big sagging amazing big breast that I want to worship with a thousand kisses d especially suck on those pert nipples and make them both so rock solid hard like my tingleing throbbing dick that needs to have it inserted all the way up in your sweet wet slick pink pussy that I want to give you so much pleasure that you give my dick which makes it feel so ,so good. Every video you do is so amazing each time that you keep me so hard all the way through the video. Please keep up the good work and cum back real soon and often.

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