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"I think this patient will be all right in your hands," the MD tells Nurse Dallas Dixon. Boy, is that an understatement! As soon as he leaves, Dallas tells him, "You know I once had a patient I did something special for and his health improved greatly! Maybe I could do that for you!" You betcha! Stroking his cock over the bed sheet, she pulls it back and says "Wow!" This is a well-trained, well-educated health care provider. How do we know this so fast? Because she immediately starts stroking his cock. Dallas takes her own oral temperature with his meat-thermometer with slow, loving sucks. She frees her 38DDD tits and wraps them around his dick while she sucks on it. If only other nurses could witness how well Nurse Dallas provides the finest in medical treatment. It would be nothing less than a revolution in health care. But Dallas says, "You can never tell the doctor about this. I could get fired for this, you know." It must be one of those no-sucking hospitals but for this lucky dude, Dallas is breaking all the rules. She climbs on the bed between his legs and engulfs his shaft between her huge, fleshy hangers.
Featuring: Dallas Dixon and J Mac
Date: November 22nd, 2009
Duration: 20:43

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Oh Dallas, You are so beautiful and red hot screaming exotic sexy in this video playing a hot nurse that you could give my rock solid dick the amazing attention you gave his to give me such intense sexual pleasure. Just watching those amazing big sagging breast made my cock so rock solid hard that I wish I could fuck you and give you as much pleasure that you give me. With that wonderful sweet slick pink cunt pussy I want to eat it up and suck out every last drop of that woman wet nector pussy juice that I just know would taste so hevenly. I wish you could do more video's like this and cum back real soon and often. You are the greatest at what you do.
2 years ago 
Oh Dallas, You are so beautiful and so red hot exotic sexy with that absolutely great body especially those big wonderful natural sagging suckable lovely breast that I just want to make love to by kissing them a thousand times while sucking very gently and make them stand straight up just like you have made my man cock dick so rock solid hard all the way through the video. It would be just heaven on earth if I could go down to that sweet wet pink woman love tunnel and stick my long hard tongue all the way up in you to the bottom and suck out every last drop of that sweet nector fluid juice of that cunt pussy and after that you would beg and plead for me to insert my man tool up in you and fill you up to the brim with my sweet scalding man juice sperm that you would pull our of my dick by rotating that amazing ass and very slowly rotate that pussy to give the most satisfying pleasure I had ever experience even better than masturbating from watching you take his big cock. You did just an outstanding amazing job and I plead for you to do more hot video's like this one and a solo video also and cum back real soon and often. Thanks again for such a great job for giving me so much lasting pleasure.
3 years ago 
I would love to have Dallas be my nurse lazarus.
6 years ago 
well ive been in there an't had a nurse like that it would be great there big boob's.
7 years ago 
oh nurse know how much I also put out.
7 years ago 
I also have a need for such nurses. Get Come nurse know how much.
7 years ago 
her boobs are so big!

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