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Cindy Cupps' big tits dildo stuffing

Featuring Cindy Cupps
Date November 9th, 2007
Duration 14:21
Cindy gives all for her art but there are times when a titty show for the boys is more important. And that time is right now 'cause she's joined the J-Cup Club. "I don't flaunt what I have," says Cindy, who is in fact a low-key chick, not a flaunter, even though she's got the flaunt stuff. "I walk around in regular clothing. If guys stare at me, they stare at me. This is something I've been dealing with since I was a kid because I've always had big boobs. It's something I've learned to deal with, so I don't pay attention to it. If guys think I'm hot, great. It's great for my self-esteem, but it's not like I'm walking around with a big chip on my shoulder. 'Oh, I'm hot.' I don't do that.".

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