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Behind The Scenes Screw

Featuring: Christy Marks and Jarrod Steed
Date: February 16th, 2014
Duration: 14:58
From, Christy's "Behind The Scenes Screw." We told Christy she could shoot her own scene if she wanted to. Christy lured one of the stunt-cocks and a TSG cameraman to a section of the studio behind the sets where stuff is stored. (No surprise since Christy can charm a charging lion and talk the birdies out of the trees.) The most astonishing move of all in this video is at 14:40 when Christy is upside-down on a chair and getting his cock pile-driven into her. Very few can pull off this position (especially on a chair!) but very few are like Christy. As Christy once told us about sex on-camera, "If I am attracted to a guy, even just a little bit, that doesn't matter. What matters is if the guy gets into the scene and doesn't act like it's just work. When the guys get into it, I really do cum. It's just like fucking but with a camera in my face. I do the same things I do at home, just more positions. So I really do enjoy it.".

What Members are saying about this update...

March 06, 2015
Christy I think it will be a legend. Like Roberta Pedon. Christy's boobs depict a lot of features from Roberta's breast. The two of them are very long heavy and beautifully saggy. Both have an amazing, incredible separation between boobs, that space in between is so unique. The two girls presented a very very similar body's proportions. THeir hips, legs, waist, and ribcage are almost the very same size. I believe if Christy decide to come back to modeling she is going to be a success. But if she does not want to do it. I must say that she is already entering in the hall of fame as one of the unique and greatest models of SCORE. In the next 10 years she is going to become a huge legend...Thanks Score for this achievement..
October 29, 2014
So beautiful, and so real.
February 16, 2014
ive been a member for a long time now, Christy is one of the best score girls ever! bring her back

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