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Christy's Sexercises

Featuring Christy Marks
Date November 5th, 2013
Duration 17:26
Christy Marks loves being active and she loves to share all of her workout tips. That's why she got excited when she saw this dude working out in the backyard. Christy wanted to give him some workout tips. Or maybe it was that she wanted to work out his cock? No man can stay clothed and flaccid around Christy. It's impossible. Christy believes that what goes up is her fault. When guys tent their shorts in her presence, it's the law of physics at work. No healthy man who digs big boobs and a pretty face can will his junk to stay down when Christy is a few feet from him unless he was the willpower of a Himalayan monk. And this guy? Him a will be layan' Christy at poolside very quickly.

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January 04, 2015
Fantastic blow job. Wish Christy would suck my cock.
December 15, 2013
gorgeous woman love her tits and body I Wish she would smother me with her big tits .

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