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Gianna Rossi Fucks Christy Marks

Christy Marks - Girl Girl Big Tits video
February 3rd, 2008
And now for something completely different! No playful pillowfights for Christy Marks here when the "teen tit dream" tangles with Gianna, a porn star not known for her warm, fuzzy and cuddly personality. Christy's in for a heap o' hard-edged, nasty, bitchy femme domination after Gianna catches giggly Christy having a titter over a cock-shaped vibrator she takes out of a drawer in Gianna's room. Gianna finds Christy an easy pushover, compliant to all of her desires. Gianna eagerly tit-fucks Christy's massive cleavage with this toy while Christy squeezes her jugs together. She orders Christy to suck on her nipples while she does it, muttering dirty commandments into Christy's ear. She demands that Christy strip for her so she can check out every inch of her sexy body. Gianna has Christy practice her cocksucking skills on the dildo in the mirror. The oral training just fuels Gianna's pussy-lust even more and turns her own reflection into a mask of pure lewdness. Christy sits on the dresser while Gianna works her pussy with the chick-toy, then Gianna leans back to watch Christy take the toy and finish herself off to climax. Their island fling thing satisfies each different ways. .