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Please give a nice round of applause to our latest SCORELAND New Discovery Miss Catt Green. Catt is a mere 18 years-old and already is the proud carrier of 36G hooters--all-naturals. "It's my first time posing at all," says Catt. "I saw a stack of magazines at my friend's house and I thought that it looked like fun." How so, Catt? "It's just inspiring seeing girls with tits as big as mine. And I wanted to be with them." Excellent community attitude, Catt! Just as there is a SCORE Boob Brotherhood, a SCORE Boob Sisterhood is only natural. Catt says she doesn't wear panties that often. ("I'm Queen Commando.") After Catt's tell, it's time for her show. Her dress is discarded and she creams up her luscious titties, rubbing in the white goo until they shine. We all know cats love cream. Later on, Miss Green says hello to her little friend who seems to be shaped like a cock.
Featuring: Catt Green
Date: June 29th, 2011
Duration: 23:44

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Welcome to Score Group Catt ! Thanks you so much for sharing your amazing figure with Score fans ! You certainly have all the physical qualifications and a good on camera presence for your first time - great job !

I hope that you will continue to model at Scoreland for a long time - you have definite potential to become a Scoreland legend !
6 years ago 
I have a fondness for busty all natural redheads and Catt Green fits the bill. She has a pretty face and a beautiful body with incredible tits. The only thing missing from this video is my cock in that pretty mouth, that sweet pussy and between those incredible tits. I would love to see those tits covered in cum. Please bring her back for more videos and hopefully some XXX.
6 years ago 
I'm in love...redheads make me weak.
6 years ago 
She wants the dick, so don't make a big deal about it, xxx scene next week!

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