SCORELAND Big Boob Videos
SCORELAND Big Boob Videos

Pick-Up On Big Tits Boulevard
Jarrod is driving around looking for hot girls. Candy Manson is walking out of a strip mall and stands out from the thundering masses. Since she's dressed in a micro skirt and tit-spilling low-cut top, Candy is easy to spot. Jarrod stops his car and goes into his song-and-dance routine. Candy turns out to be an easy pick-up and slides into his front seat. His promise of ice cream turns out to be bogus. He has another kind of cream he wants to feed Candy and it's not Mr. Softie. A few seconds of nipple stimulation and Candy is licking his finger. He finger-fucks Candy and then lets her lick her own pussy juice off his finger. Since the offer of ice cream was a lie, Candy might as well throat his cock and lick his nut-sack hands-free, like the forgiving girl she is. She also might as well fuck him on the couch until he spurts his man-cream all over her hooters. There's no way Candy is not getting herself soaked in cream. She's that good. See Candy's photos of Pick-Up On Big Tits Boulevard in Hardcore Special. Running Time: 28:15
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