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Camille Morgan - Solo Big Tits video
"My breasts actually just got bigger recently," Camille Morgan told one of your SCORE editors, a man who listened in rapture as she spoke of her bra-meat. "They're now a 34 triple-D. They used to be a 34 double-D. I was a triple-D about eight, nine years ago, then I lost 15 pounds and they went down to a double-D, then I gained 10 pounds and it all went to my chest and to my butt. I actually went bra shopping at Bloomingdale's and got measured again, and they couldn't find any triple-D bras to fit me, so the sales lady gave me a quadruple-D bra, and it fit.".
Featuring: Camille Morgan
Date: January 21st, 2008
Duration: 15:45

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Camille Morgan - XXX Big Tits video
Jan 26
Camille Morgan
  20:02 Mins.
Camille Morgan's Double Header
With Camille Morgan's successful SCORELAND boy-girl debut and a second scene at SCOREVideos "Lay Me Good," Camille returns to SCORELAND to take on not one dude but two in a horny threeway scene "Camille Morgan's Double Header." When Camille wants to go to bed, she leaves Sergio and Juan in the living room watching TV. Sergio needs to use the facilities but the downstairs one is busted so he uses the bathroom on the second floor and sees Camille in her bedroom. Camille spots him and says "Are you just going to stand there and watch?" Naturally he makes a bee-line for Camille's 34 quad-D's. Camille is ready for cock action and wraps her lips and her tits around Sergio's shaft, and then her hips do the mattress mambo when she mounts his pole in reverse cowgirl position--the better to see her tits bounce. She's lusting for his thrusting. Wondering why Sergio didn't return, Juan hears bodies in motion and enters the bedroom. Jealous, he has a few words for Sergio who takes the low road and blames Camille for his compromising position. But Camille feels the need for two fuck buddies tonight and reaches out for Juan's trousersnake. She gets on her hands and knees, Sergio's cock thrusting into her pussy, Juan's log in her throat. Three is not company for Camille. Three is big fun at both ends! The only disadvantage to Camille being serviced by two men is that she can't talk dirty. She's always sucking on a cock! Thank you for the double header, Camille. Don't forget that 7th inning stretch!
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