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Voluptuous Theater

Featuring: Camille Morgan
Date: January 21st, 2008
Duration: 15:45
"My breasts actually just got bigger recently," Camille Morgan told one of your SCORE editors, a man who listened in rapture as she spoke of her bra-meat. "They're now a 34 triple-D. They used to be a 34 double-D. I was a triple-D about eight, nine years ago, then I lost 15 pounds and they went down to a double-D, then I gained 10 pounds and it all went to my chest and to my butt. I actually went bra shopping at Bloomingdale's and got measured again, and they couldn't find any triple-D bras to fit me, so the sales lady gave me a quadruple-D bra, and it fit.".

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