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Cameron Skye has just wrapped up the country girl pictorial you've just seen. Ain't she purdy in her cowgirl hat? Cameron is leaning back on the couch. She hasn't a stitch on and has a glowing, naughty expression. "It kinda turns me on to be shooting," says Cameron. "I got a little juicy and wet..things got a little messy." The camera pans down to Cameron's pussy. She's spreading her lady-lips with both hands and thick fluid is dripping out of her pink cookie. "When it does happen, it's fun for me." That explains it. Cameron gets off the couch and walks into the models' dressing room for a nice, refreshing shower. The camera follows her in. Before she turns on the tap, Cameron makes the big reveal and announces that she's done her first XXX scene.
Featuring: Cameron Skye
Date: October 3rd, 2013
Duration: 09:38

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4 years ago 
She is one of the reasons I keep coming back to Scoreland! Can't wait to see her in HC.

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Oct 11
Cameron Skye
  25:00 Mins.
Rookie Nookie
The last time Cameron Skye was here, the perky, bubbly and upbeat SCORELAND discovery made several photo sets and videos. In one of her first videos, she coaxed a load of DNA out of Tony with her hands and soft, creamy tits, and she did it with a lusty look of satisfaction. Cameron went home and we hoped we'd hear from her again. Time passed. Over six months went by. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. The tree of patience bears sweet fruit. These fortune cookie sayings are true as proven by our special guest Cameron, who decided to go all in and give The SCORE Group her on-camera cherry. So she's back and ready to treat everyone to the Big Show. As she was the first time, Cameron is just as bubbly and happy in the models' dressing room while the stylist puts the finishing touches to her pretty face. Is Cameron nervous? Maybe a little. She says that having her pussy licked is her favorite and hottest thing when she's sexing. Giggling, Cameron's eyes get that special mischievous twinkle when she says that and her tongue sticks out for a second. She has the look of a girl who really loves hot sex. Cameron slinks into a tight red dress and high heels before leaving the dressing room. Her pointy nipples can be seen through the fabric. A few adjustments and Cameron says she's game to go, taking a deep breath. "I'm ready!" says the cheery blonde. And off she goes. Will getting her pussy tongued still be Cameron's favorite part afterwards? Let Cameron tell you herself at the end. Let's roll the video!
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