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Making her New Discovery debut on Scoreland, Camelia Davis joins a group of amazing fresh finds that have appeared just in the last few weeks. Your friends at Scoreland have been laboring tirelessly to bring this boob bonanza home to you and we've only just begun. Camelia's mouthwatering 38F-cups, her gorgeous face and her beautiful bod are what a breastman lives for. This is her first Scoreland video but we guarantee it won't be her last. She enjoys traveling, dancing and outdoor activities in attractive surroundings, like lush parks and beautiful beaches. Camelia has a lot of wild, wild erotic fantasies that she's not shy about sharing. "Sometimes I fantasize about fucking multiple guys at the same time and getting a facial from all of them," Camilia revealed. "I've dreamed about a male friend taking me to the nearest bathroom or to his house, ripping my clothes off and fucking me senseless without any talking at all." She likes tall, nice dressers who respect women and have a romantic-sexual nature. "I have a thing about getting spanked. I've tried girls--I've was with a girl when I was 19 years-old.
Featuring: Camelia Davis
Date: June 21st, 2009
Duration: 20:00

Member Comments

7 years ago 
Camelia, you are a lovely, sweet lady. That was a very nice introduction followed by the sexiest solo performance I've ever seen. You are now my goddess!

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Feb 13
Camelia Davis
  18:42 Mins.
Tittie Knockin'
Before her sex scene in Sex In The Titties, Camelia Davis gave SCORELAND the honor of her video virginity. Before we see Camelia's hardcore cherry popping, she first shows us why she's so special, so near and dear, with a tittie shakin', boobie quakin', knocker slappin', nipple lickin' demonstration that's like a sequel to her breast-powered previous vid, "Sweatin' To The Boobies." Camelia aims to bulgerize the breast-lover's boxers and her great body has the power to do it. We don't know where she buys her tops but she deserves some kind of certificate of shopping excellence. Some girls know how to dress their tits and Camelia is one of them. Camelia gets naked when stunt-cock arrives so we can see those funbags bounce like crazy during the blow job and bonking. It's obvious that Camelia loves the cock as soon as she drops to her knees and opens her mouth. There's a moment at 7:58 when Carlos drops his jeans and Camelia looks at the camera for a second with a wet smile and a horny glint in her eyes that captures her highly sexed personality. Her boobs bounce so wildly while she's fucking that the title of this vid could have been Bounce Baby Bounce Part 2. What's also very hot is how a smiling Camelia grabs his cock and strokes him off, then rubs the cum into her chest while she mentions that this is the first time she's been cum on with a camera rolling. "I prefer a man to cum on my tits," says Camelia. Thanks for being you, Camelia Davis! Running Time: 18:42
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