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Too damn sexy for her own good, Bella French is back, rolling in bed and ready to spread. And from seeing beautiful Bella spread her pussy way open, it must be said she is one of the best leg spreaders. The way she scissors her legs open and spreads her sugar-walls is why wide-screen was invented. On her back, on her knees or in any position, if Bella's pussy-spreading were converted to music, it would be a symphony of snatch. Near the end of this scene, the juice flows from Bella's pussy like a tapped maple tree. Bella's pussy play is boiling hot in this scene, as always. More than half of this scene is pussy spanking. When she finger-fucks her Canadian cooze fast and hard, her spanking makes loud slapping sounds as her palm hits her mons pubis above the clit. The camera gets pulled closer like Bella's pussy is magnetic. Which it is.
Featuring: Bella French
Date: December 14th, 2013
Duration: 14:23

Member Comments

1 year ago 
I wanna bang her so badly
2 years ago 
Oh Bella, You are so erotic sexy that you make me so horny that my cock dick is so rock solid hard that I want to fuck you and eat that sweet cunt pussy nector juice.
3 years ago 
this is too about sandbagging us!! she is INSANE!!! Too hot for truth, stunningly gorgeous and hot...hearkening back to the 90's with those tits, the incredible stripper skills...makes my cock rock hard and drooling...but it's the pussy work and beauty that just leaves the earth. She works that gorgeous box and the rest of her, body, face and mind, comes right along with her, genuinely. The pure home run comes when she cums...blasting that white lava flow in a gooey lovely mess with, my fave, legs pulled high and wide and pussy spread wet and juicy in full dream perpetuation... Thank you Bella and TSG...keep these real cum/squirt/lava flow scenes cumming...they're fucking fantastic!!
4 years ago 
Bella please let me cum tonguefuck that wet cumsoaked cunt & tasty asshole of yours baby!!! You honestly make the precum drip from my thick 9" cock!!! Mmmmm
4 years ago 
Her pussy is the
bomb and she's
gorgeous I Love her
4 years ago 
She is the only woman i know who can fuck the shit out of herself with those fingers
4 years ago 
Very good !!

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