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Barbara Angel has a back ache. "Maybe it's because of my breasts," curvy Barbara explains to George, the masseur she's visiting. George understands completely. He can help this big-boobed brunette. And while he's helping, Barbara can straighten him right out. Because that's one of her favorite activities.

George asks Barbara to take off her clothes. Barbara gives the camera a look that says, "Watch what I do to this guy." And then another look when she's down to her white bra and panties. While George is arranging the massage table, Barbara keeps looking at the camera with a big smile on her pretty face.

George starts off routinely enough by oiling Barbara's back and rubbing her down, then pulls off her panties and rubs her well-padded ass. And then he starts fingering Barbara's pink pussy. This is not in the massage training manual. He must know the masseur that Anastasia Lux went to.

It doesn't take much prodding before George licks Barbara, she licks him and they start… Read More »
Featuring: Barbara Angel and George Lee
Date: December 9th, 2015
Duration: 17:51

Member Comments

2 years ago 
I am so in love with her! Nice big belly, gorgous tits, and a pussy to die for! sign me up
2 years ago 
if you are out there barbara i want to make love to you at night on a secluded carribean beach!
2 years ago 
i love barbara. she's the best. sexiest woman alive!
2 years ago 
Barbara is the best,what about anal!!??
2 years ago 
thank you! I'd give you a massage any time!
2 years ago 
Barbara I look forward to every time you are featured on Scoreland. You are truly an Angle worth waiting for.
2 years ago 
I love how Barbara screams while her gorgeous pussy is getting fucked.

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