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"I like to play with myself especially when I'm alone at home," says Barbara Angel, a newcomer at Voluptuous who has huge, gorgeous, veiny all-naturals with wide areolae. The stacked brunette uses fingers, shower heads or vibrators in her pussy when the mood hits and that's often. "I like to use my fingers best." Barbara had never modeled before in her life so this is her first experience. She's not shy whatsoever. "My boobs started to grow when I was 14 years old. As I grew older, guys began to notice me and try to speak to me. Now that I am 24, I get even more attention. One guy told me that he almost suffocated because of my breasts." Fortunately for him, he lived. Barbara likes fun, easy-going dates. "A good dinner, good wine and a good movie.
Featuring: Barbara Angel
Date: July 15th, 2014
Duration: 20:18

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3 years ago 
Would love to suck those big titty's.
3 years ago 
Angel is hot nice video luv her areaols she had me worken it more pls

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Barbara Angel has a back ache. "Maybe it's because of my breasts," curvy Barbara explains to George, the masseur she's visiting. George understands completely. He can help this big-boobed brunette. And while he's helping, Barbara can straighten him right out. Because that's one of her favorite activities. George asks Barbara to take off her clothes. Barbara gives the camera a look that says, "Watch what I do to this guy." And then another look when she's down to her white bra and panties. While George is arranging the massage table, Barbara keeps looking at the camera with a big smile on her pretty face. George starts off routinely enough by oiling Barbara's back and rubbing her down, then pulls off her panties and rubs her well-padded ass. And then he starts fingering Barbara's pink pussy. This is not in the massage training manual. He must know the masseur that Anastasia Lux went to. It doesn't take much prodding before George licks Barbara, she licks him and they start fucking fast and hard on and around the massage table. Barbara gets on top and grinds hard as George rams his cock up her. They both scream loudly as they approach blast-off time. George explodes inside Barbara and when she dismounts, Barbara licks up the cum that's leaked out of her pussy. She stares again at the camera, and, playing with his exhausted cock, says, "It was a nice massage." What a woman! SCORE: Do you think your sex drive and sexual interests have changed since you became a model? Barbara: No, it's still great. It has not changed me. SCORE: What mistakes do men make in bed? Barbara: They do not pay enough attention to the reactions of women. If she says that what you are doing is very nice, continue to do it. Guys, if a girl sighs a lot, she likes it and you should continue what you are doing. So listen to the sounds she makes. SCORE: What's your favorite way to satisfy a guy in bed? Barbara: Oral...start slowly...then I put his penis between my breasts and masturbate it. Finally, really fuck.
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