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Tits & Tugs

Featuring: Arianna Sinn and J Mac
Date: September 27th, 2013
Duration: 10:51
Arianna Sinn's massive tits can engulf and bury the biggest salamis. Those mountain peaks are meant to be snow-capped by the white stuff. And that's the name of this game. Once Arianna pulls your pants down, it's game on. She is very inventive in her jacking and boob-banging maneuvers. Where did she learn this stuff? She squishes her jugs together, the cock wedged in her cleavage and buffs it with up and down movements. She slips one hand between her tits and jerks it, one tit resting on your crotch. She jacks with both hands, the cock-tip touching her cheek. Turning around, Miss Sinn holds the pole with one hand and wedges it between the cheeks of her foxy ass as she squats up and down. What a sight.

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November 19, 2013
Nice to see Arianna jerk off a guy. Why don't girls do the jerking more often in porn movies ?

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