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Meet Anna Kay

Featuring Anna Kay
Date January 13th, 2010
Duration 16:51
Anna Kay debuts in Holiday '09 Voluptuous and to celebrate that event, SCORELAND presents a Voluptuous Theater video. "Girls are either jealous or they want to grope me," Anna tells V-Mag's editor Maria. "They always ask if they can feel my boobs. They ask to touch them and see if they are real or how much they weigh." When Anna goes to a night club, she becomes the most popular girl in the room. "Strippers love my boobs. Sometimes they give me a dance and just bury their faces in my tits and try and motorboat me. They tell me that my boobs are just so big and pretty that they can't help themselves. I think it's funny." Running Time: 16:51 .

What Members are saying about this update...

February 12, 2011
I'd never heard of this young lady before, glad I came
across here though! I usually go for the brunettes but this
blonde I totally lust for. You're awesome Anna, keep up the
great work. Hope to see you in a scene with a guy or girl.
Wow you really drew me in!
June 08, 2010
You are sooo sexy Anna Kay, you are the definition of perfection. Blonde, thick, and you have a nice tan here, you look hot without a tan too btw.
April 19, 2010
Anna Kay is superhot. Beautiful breasts of course, but also a very pretty face. Nice eyes, hair, lips, etc. the list goes on. Keep on doing your thing Anna. Very sexy.
March 05, 2010
She's beautiful! The perfect woman from head to toe. I can't wait to see her do hard core.
Anna Kay
January 28, 2010
OMG.. thanks guys for your wonderful compliments.. I am so flattered and you have made my day a lot better!!! :) I love to hear feedback.. good and negative.. I can't wait to have more entertainment for you guys... there will be lots more to come.. stay tuned... thanks again.. you guys ROCK!!!
*hugz N kisses*
Anna Kay
January 24, 2010
It is like I have always said that big titty woman need loving too and she is the just so damn sexy nobody beats her body and OMG the boobs are nice u just want to suck on them. Big Woman need loving too and Anna is the right on for the job on this site to me!!!
January 18, 2010
Please Anna do a boy girl scene for us all soon. You would blow all those other models clean out of the water. Please Please
January 16, 2010
Love her sounds, tan body, and sexy ass heels. My, my girlfriend, and Anna Kay. I hope you read these Anna!
January 16, 2010
Anna, you are a breastman's dream! How wonderful it would be to be pleasured by such an AWESOME bosomy blonde
Goldilocks! Women with curves are way more sexier than Hollywood anorexic models! You're beautiful, Anna, bosomy, and curvy, like a woman should be! The best place in the world for a man to rest his weary head after a hard day's work is right there on your wonderfully soft, firm, womanly bosom! Rest, rest, dear man, and let me nurture you! Yeah baby!
January 14, 2010
Would love to see her do a guy on cam,she would be amazing doing that!!!

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