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Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a slide inside Australia. It's going to be a wild ride. We know Angela White's sex drive is the female equivalent of a Ferrari F140's V12 engine. We know she bangs and she bangs hard. We know she's hot with the cock, a sight no camera has ever recorded. She's told us over the last eight years. We know how horny Angela is nipple-to-nipple with other SCORE Girls such as Brandy Talore, Christy Marks and Cherry Brady. Their scenes have been replayed many times on countless screens. This is the girl who told us in 2004 that she had a XXX centerfold picture of Orsolya from January '03 SCORE taped on her bedroom wall. Until right now, everyone could only imagine in the movie theaters of our minds what she would look like with cock in her saucy mouth and plunging into her pretty pussy.
Featuring: Angela White
Date: April 8th, 2011
Duration: 27:27

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Freakin' AWESOME Scene! She is gorgeous all around!

I do think its complete bogus that as a paying customer I'm blocked from downloading it. I understand they are trying to protect their content but seriously streaming always glitches and simply isn't as good as a downloaded version. I ask the Scoreland team to reconsider and allow downloadable versions of this… especially since it's been over a year so I would think they could loosen up a little.
6 years ago 
You truly are one of the top 3 fuck stars on SG Angela! The devotion you give to
cum slurping and tug jobs is really amazing!
Thank you so much Angela and SG!!!
7 years ago 
Just love the deepthroat attemp and gag. Come on Baby, you can take that cock all the way down until your nose is in his pubes! Keep trying Angela! Remember to let him cum ALL OVER YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE!!!
7 years ago 
1, Angela is beautiful. 2, Her tits are fantastic. 3, She sucks dick like non one else. 4, Just love the stripper heels and fake eyelashes. 5, MORE!!!!
7 years ago 
Ya just gotta love a woman like Angela. First, she's gorgeous. Two, the tits - spectacular. Three the big stripper platform heels, and four the fake eyelashes. She fucks and sucks great. Only one negative, the facial should be huge, like Peter North huge. Across her face with a big wad of cum starting from her forehead down to her lips. Angela, you're great Baby. Just work on your facials OK Slut?
7 years ago 
Good video of angela white, been waiting for this for ages,
but as a product being delivered to the public this streaming
sucks!!! Still pauses and breaks, release on video, dvd and
blu ray please! you will have a pre order from me!
7 years ago 
Angela Finally Fucks!
Thank you Angela & Scoreland
7 years ago 
That woodsman put a hurting on sweet Angela. I think she got more than she bargained for.
7 years ago 
I wish you could make this video available on Score HD
I would be a very happy customer.THANK YOU!!
7 years ago 
where's the rest of the video... the gallery shows at least 3-4 positions that are missing from the video. if it's going to be streaming only, at least post the whole video for those of us who are big fans of angela.
7 years ago 
Angela White is an amazing woman. We want to see her a lot more. And we want to see every detail of every natural bounce, flop, ripple, swing, fling, and everything from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and in between. Sadly this is not possible with a streamline video. Even with the Content Delivery Network updated, the video is still choppy and over all slow. Because of this, the video itself is not as enjoyable as we all know it should be.

While we respect and understand that the SG is running a business, we the fans (particularly the fans of Angela White) are willing to compromise with a DVD and or Blueray release of "Angela White Finally Fucks." I know i would be very happy to pay a large yet respectable price for the chance to have this DVD and or Blueray. I have bought videos from the "eboobstore" before, an
d i have never been disappointed. Score Group videos have always been worth the price to true fans. Converting new customers, looking for a quality DVD, into loyal consumers of your products.
7 years ago 
WOW!!! This was worth waiting for! Angela, thank you so much for letting us watch you fuck and your partner is one lucky man!
7 years ago 
Incredible. Worth wait. Angela for ruler of the universe!!! I havpe this guy knows he just had the best experience of his life, wish it were me.
7 years ago 
HOT!!!!!!!!!Thank you Angela.Thank you Score.Please put all this and more in the Dvd when you sell it.Premium price it.I will still buy a truckload of copies.She is amazing!!More of her in the future please!!
7 years ago 
next time when she gets totaly naked have her take her shoes off and no make up. that way she'll be truly TOTALY NAKED!!! that would be cool... a totaly truly all natural videos and pic set of woman that are absolutly totaly and truly naturaly naked
7 years ago 
Unbelievable! Angela just goes all out and doesn't disappoint. A face and body that is one in a million.
7 years ago 
Wow! That was very animalistic and horny. I love that view when he first enters Angie, with her leg over his shoulder. AND another facial!
7 years ago 
i have never been more excited about a girl/boy video before. As i've said, the guy just gets in the way. There have only been few exception to what i'll watch when there is a dude involved. With that understand, this is one of SG's best production. Angela is a superstar whom i love to see no matter what. Thank you Angela and SG. I look forward to the days she does more videos. I've only said this about a few models but weather she does solo, girl/girl or girl/boy i'll be very happly along for the ride!!!
7 years ago 
Angela Finally Fucks! Hopefully it's not her final fuck!!
Thank you Angela & Scoreland!!!!
7 years ago 
I love you guys almost as much as I love Angela! THANK YOU!!
It's about time!
7 years ago 

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