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Does Angela think she's good at blowjobs?

Featuring Angela White
Date March 30th, 2011
Duration 05:47
"I think I was maybe a little too excited," Angela says as she talks about her first Tits & Tugs. "Maybe I should have teased the cock a little more." Angela was the first girl in her partner JMac's porn career to make him spurt from a tit-wank. Angela's proud about that. Now she's going to do her first blow job on camera and she's excited about it. "I'm a very oral person," Angela says. "I love food, I love sucking things, I love anything to do with my mouth." She came close to using her mouth in her Tits & Tugs out of reflex. Now she can in her upcoming oral dissertation. Angela explains more about her intense oral fixations in this pre-BJ interview.

What Members are saying about this update...

October 29, 2015
man I wish I could fuck angelas big ass titties
Farmer John
February 02, 2013
It is indeed challenging to decide which part of this young woman is the most desirable [apart form the obvious that is]. She simply possesses fantastic eyes and skin plus the photography is what one comes to expect from Scoreland. Well done all the way around.
April 01, 2011
ok, maybe a couple of times, but this scene wasn't shot in a car.....
and isn't the 'buildup' process a slap in the face of your other hot girls that got right down to business?
Dave R.
April 01, 2011
Edge: You've NEVER had a woman just give you a blow job? Never? I think that might put you in the minority. How about in cars, or other places where you can't have full sex? Never?

By the way, we never said she never fucked before in her life, and we're not trying to be sensationalist with the step-by-step. We're trying to build anticipation. Dave
March 31, 2011
other than she's a 10+ I'm a bit put off by the 'sensationalism' of this whole series, like she's never fucked before in her life. and this step by step process is silly. I've never had a woman just tit fuck me, or just suck my cock. it's either all or nothing, and that because SHE wants it.....
March 31, 2011
The anticipation is killing me. I imagine Angela is good at anything she does. After waiting all these years, it looks like we are finally going to see this wonderful young lady in action.

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