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The always friendly, cheery, perky and busty Angel Wicky has a special treat in store. Now what is in that case? Ah, a cello. Is lovely Angel going to play a heavenly song to warm the cockles? Afraid not, friends. What Angel is going to do next is sing us a song and the blonde sexbomb has the angelic pipes to do it. Her voice, like her lungs, is lovely. Would you believe this beautiful girl doesn't like to date? "Yes, it's true," says Angel. "I like to share time, like having a friendly coffee or a meal." And how did Angel spend the Christmas season in the the picture postcard Czech Republic? "With my family and friends, eating sweets, cakes and home-made meals, drinking home-made wine, baking and watching old movies!" Fit for an Angel. Then Angel returns to her cello and while she does pluck her magic strings with the bow, Angel leaves the real deal of pleasurizing her gates of heaven to her really thick vibrator.
Featuring: Angel Wicky
Date: December 31st, 2013
Duration: 23:22

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Angel Wicky is just one of those girls that has it all cute face, big tits and a nice ass. Wonderful
4 years ago 
she is really singer!!! i already her her few times, but this is the best of all!! great idea guys!

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It's his one-man bachelor party and Angel Wicky is his entertainer of the evening in this club. She's all pink and blonde and sugar-sweet. Angel promises to give the groom a show and a lap dance he'll never forget. It might even make him change his marriage plans. A born exhibitionist, Angel dances in her hypnotic costume on the stage of the private champagne room and flaunts her perfect body at her seated guest. She taunts and teases him about having fun on his "last night." Angel shakes and jiggles her big boobs. She turns around and rotates her fine ass. Her spell is cast. A man would need the willpower of a kung-fu monk to resist this Angel. Hovering over him, Angel unleashes her twins from her bikini top, shoving her tits in his face and giving him some cleavage to motorboat. He worships those fuckable hooters, sucking her nipples and sinking his fingers in her soft tit-flesh. Angel's bachelor-party special gets hotter than usual. She lovingly unzips his pants and takes his prick out to suck. It pops out erect like a meat switch-blade much to Angel's kittenish purrs and sounds of pleasure. She takes it in her hand and wipes it on one areola, spits on it and starts her expert blow job. Angel gets on her back so he can slide it between her deep cleavage. Heading south, he spreads her pussy lips so he can tongue-tickle her candy box. That drives her crazy and prepared for penetration. Angel is so hot the devil's mistress would be jealous. Mr. Groom fucks Angel's freshly wet slit and then puts her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. She lowers herself and his cock slides deeply into her asshole. He may change his mind about marriage after doing the push-push in Angel's ass and dropping his load inside Angel's lovely butt-pipe. Another heavenly hooter hump by the ass-tonishingly gorgeous Angel Wicky! Thank you, Angel for what we are about to receive!
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