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Amy Anderssen (November '14 SCORE magazine covergirl) is just as intense by herself in a video as she is in a video with a stud. She puts it all out there! Amy masturbates two or three times a day and that doesn't diminish her appetite for fucking. She says she has sex five or six times a week. Dirty talking is the kind of foreplay she likes best of all. "Being in porn has made me what I wanted," says Amy. "Sex is like an education. It's a sport. You have to practice it. You have to learn your techniques. It's like playing basketball.
Featuring: Amy Anderssen
Date: August 9th, 2014
Duration: 14:09

Member Comments

9 months ago 
That bit at the end where she slides her fingers up and down and lifts her hips is just brilliant. Thank you score for not moving tbe camera all over the place!
2 years ago 
I love this scene (and the still shots too) in all they offer. In this one, Amy fully seduces the camera and viewer. Then takes me on a dream tease as she moves her hands all around her tightly clad crazy fukn hot body; massive tits blasting out unmistakably in her amazonian super heroine sex appeal way. Then as the scene moves on, she deliciously gives the fortunate viewer her glazed gorgeous pussy. I melt at nearly nine million degrees by now and hit the stratosphere as she pulls her legs up and way back for the full pussy play torso and ass show that eats my shit alive EVERY time. A subtle piece of amazing hotness is how she works her big full lips while showcasing that delectable pussy, clit and pussy lips....i so wanna dive in!! This model burns it up oh so bright and she is a throwback (as Elliot and Dave have cited) to the la
te nineties sexbomb augmented amazing models from Boob Cruise halcyon days of ultimate dreams and fukn uber fox in hyperdrive aiming for legend ass Siren, that's for it honey, thank you!!
3 years ago 
She looks like Kim K with much bigger breasts! Amy - what a sexy fantasy woman; her body is pure sex.
3 years ago 
She is so very pretty, and SeXy!
3 years ago 
One of the hottest women of this moment. Pity she always starts with a string or panty
3 years ago 
You have to ask?
3 years ago 
love to see pov
3 years ago 
more more more

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