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This is no ordinary shower. This is an Alexya shower. Anything she does is extraordinary. Since her debut over one year ago, Alexya's been the most-popular girl in the Model Directory. And considering the who's-who at SCORELAND and how incredibly hot they can get, that says it all about the brunette beauty who only shows pink and doesn't have the biggest boobs here. Alexya's video interviews between shoots are always funny. She turns them into giggle fests, especially when the photographer asks her questions about sex. She has a difficult time answering because she starts laughing. Alexya will even start laughing at "hello." Maybe a compilation video of Alexya just busting out laughing might be a winner. "I enjoy being a model very, very much," Alexya did say between giggles.
Featuring: Alexya
Date: September 3rd, 2016
Duration: 20:48

Member Comments

11 months ago 
We got so many poets on here lmbo. If you guys are not writing poetry out here, I think ya'll missed ya''ll calling. I do agree, She is flawless. Head to toe.
1 year ago 
I was remiss in not slamming this vid and model with major praise when I first saw it. Like many have noted, she is unbelievably pretty and beautiful and it thankfully begs the question, how high can the stunning beauty and curves factor / quotient go with the models being showcased with's a rhetorical question in that I never want an answer; I emphatically wish there to never be a ceiling or plateau...Great Spirits, please hear the call! Alexya is absolutely gorgeous and seems to be representing the European side of the equation with force and determination. Her portfolio is growing and did I mention she's fucking beyond picturesque and alluringly gorgeous. I absolutely love (and can't say it enough) her outfit in this scene but even moreso, I am knocked out by her movements of seduction; the slow measured display of her amazing features in a trance of sway that has me so locked in gaze and attraction. I so love when the models seduce the viewer by movement and dance, although not all models have the vibe of seduction that can be conveyed in movement and dance, but many is an art of exxxpression and beauty that really is intoxicating and beautiful. Alexya kills it here and those jeggings take me to the mat in seconds flat. Please keep blowing your fans away babe, we are in awe for sure.
1 year ago 
Besides this shower video, I would thoroughly enjoy a video of Alexya laughing, topless of course, and watching those beautiful breasts jiggle and shake the whole time.
1 year ago 
A very pretty girl. Nice eye make up and lipstick; top tits and bum making a great figure that she moves well. A quality bird!
1 year ago 
She is PERFECTION, NATURAL BREAST SCULPTED TO PERFECTION, her breast shape is just amazing beautiful, her LONG, HEAVY, LARGE, SAGGY BUT VERY MEATY AND ROUND LONG VERY LONG PENDULOUS UDDERS WITH HUGE HUGE DARK BROWN AREOLAS with pointy hard big nipples is just what every man on earth can dream, SHE BELONGS TO THE TOP SCORE LIST OF HUGE NATURALS, and I am sure she is going to become a LEGEND just like Lindsay Dawn Mckensy or Nicole Peters, ALexya's boobs are just big like Nicole Peters was, with super big areolas, the rest of the shape of Alexya's boobs is super super similar like JOANNA BLISS, they have almost the same shape and size the only difference is the size of Joanna's areolas they are more oval shape and smaller and darker, but the shape of the boob flesh is just amazingly similar they hang almost the same long distance, they hang spectacularly low. I love Alexya she is a true gift of NATURE, NO SILICONES SHE IS REAL, SHE IS A NATURAL BUSTY GODDESS, AND WILL BE SOON A BUSTY QUEEN LIKE LDM...THANKS SCORE FOR BRINGING HER TO US...
1 year ago 
I seriously can't resist Alexya's face. It has to be one of the most beautiful and sweetest faces on Scoreland. Like Helen of Troy, she actually has a face that can launch a thousand ships. Unlike Helen, she also has a body that can harden a million cocks. Btw, Alexya doesn't need to have the biggest tits. Her breasts are quite big enough. But her breasts combined with her face should leave no doubt as to why she remains at the top of the Scoreland Model Directory.

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