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Too bad the neighbors couldn't see Alexya do her gardening in the nude. It's a sight not to missed. Could a girl get any more sensuously seductive than this Romanian brunette? Everything about Alexya is sexy, including her soft voice. Alexya wants to try skydiving. "I'd like to jump out of a plane with a parachute," Alexya said. This is the number-one thing many SCORE, V-mag and XL Girl models say they want to try. We've explained that it's better to jump up and down on a bed or a trampoline while we film them than throwing themselves out of an airplane. Alexya says she swims and does Pilates to keep her body slim and shapely. She likes to go out dancing. That must be a sight to see.
Featuring: Alexya
Date: October 3rd, 2015
Duration: 17:32

Member Comments

1 year ago 
Imagine her being your new neighbor that just moved in doing what she did in this video with the pruning of the bushes and the sweeping. Just seeing her doing her yard work in that dress would make me wanna jump out the door and introduce myself to her. I love the themes/fantasies you put her in on every video. Her eyes are so deadly gorgous, just by looking at you with them and giving you that gorgous smile, it could stop your heart beating. Then those perfect tits. The way she sways them from left to right makes me so rock hard. And how she lifts those heavy milkers up to her tongue and mouth to suck on drives me nuts. If she wanted to hypnotize you, Alexya would not need a clock watch on a chain going from left to right. All she has to do is take out her perfect boobs and sway them from left to right and within seconds she could easily hypnotize you. Perfect, firm, juicy, boobs with amazing aereolas and plump yummy nipples. Alexya oozes AMAZING!! Next her meaty plump juicy pussy lips just makes my mouth water. I would love to see her do some on the hands and knees, ass up in the air with her boobs hanging and swaying downward. Love to see some ass up from behind shots of her. She's got a gorgous ass and need to tease with that asset as well.

I wanna meet this girl so bad, it hurts. Keep Alexya cumming Score.
2 years ago 
What a voluptuous beauty! So sexy! Would it be too much to ask to see her backside in a bendover pose? More perhaps than just walking away? Thanks Alexya for showing off your wonderful body!
2 years ago 
Oh alexia, You are so. so beautiful and so red hot screaming sexy that every new video gets better and better each time. Those wonderful natural hanging breast just makes me want to make love to both of them and smother them wit kisses and then suck those erect nipples and make them as rock hard as my stand up tall throbbing, tingling dick that I just can't help from massaging it to make it erupt with scalding hot man juice and then when you very slowly took off those yellow panties and revealed that sweet wet woman pussy I just wanted to get down there on my knees and make love to it by sticking my long hard tongue in there to the bottom and suck out every last drop of that pussy nector juice that I just know would taste so good. I hope you will continue to do more hot video's like this and cum back real soon. . I also enjoyed see you keep those hot sexy fuck shoes on all the way throw the scene. You are the very best and I just can't help but stay rock hard watching you every time.
2 years ago 
Alexya is just so damn pretty. Her face actually gets me aroused as much as her huge and pendulous breasts. I think a lot of the Romanian models are not only incredibly busty but quite beautiful. But Alexya has the most beautiful face.
2 years ago 
OMG Alexya is amazing! Would love to see her in a bath/shower video!

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