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Alexis Silver - Solo Big Tits video
Alexis Silver poses for her pictorial in February '07 SCORE. No nastier pirate queen ever sailed the seven seas or buckled a swash in search of booty. She's shivered many timbers. .

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Alexis Silver - XXX Big Tits video
Dec 28
Alexis Silver
  25:13 Mins.
Tit-Fuck Tryouts
Look out, because Alexis Silver is on the loose. The Tit-Fuck Tryout team spots her walking in a parking lot. She's wearing a chest-revealing top and mini-skirt. They dispense with the preliminaries and Alexis gets into the van with the last of the Boobologists. "So is he the inspector of the breasts?" Alexis asks in her British accent. She has met a lot of breast-fanatics in her life. The Boob-Man declares her 100% natural. There's no question that Alexis has the biggest boobs of the group. They ask Alexis how she rates herself for tit-fucking on a scale of 1 to 10. She says 15, with a laugh. There's no time to waste so they rush back to headquarters. The Boobologist immediately helps Alexis out of her top and sucks her nipples. She wastes no time vacuuming his dick with her English lips, preparing his cock to harden and fall in love with her tits. Alexis gets on her back and the tit-fucking begins. Alexis alternates between sucking the head of the cock and squeezing it between her melons, buffing and rubbing the pole with her jugs. All the while, Alexis is making greedy pleasure sounds and slurping noises. They alternate between tit-fucking and pussy-fucking. Alexis hits her stride when she takes the tits-on-top position and boob-buffs his shaft. Alexis gets on her hands and knees for a shag from behind, and thrusts back as good as she gets. The Boobologist's mercury is rising to the top from her grinding pussy. He uncorks his load all over her chest to Alexis' satisfaction. Alexis earns extra points for licking up all the goo off her boobs, something that does not go unnoticed by the judges. It was a tough competition. All the ladies did their very best. In the end, Alexis is chosen as the winner of the Tit-Fuck Tryouts. Leave it to a British babydoll to earn the highest rating in the sport and art of breast-sex. Running Time: 25:13
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