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Sensual Jane, Sophie Mae and Alex stand against a bare wall and shake and jiggle their jugs. Simple yet effective. In an example of breast warfare, which is how all wars would be fought if SCORE ran the world, Amber Lynn Bach and June Summers have a hands-free bounce battle. Another talent to add to their list of skills. .
Date: October 9th, 2010
Duration: 5:20

Member Comments

8 months ago 
I'd love to see these sexy gals flex their boobs in high-definition...
1 year ago 
more breast shaking videos with slow motion effect too.
1 year ago 
more breast shaking videos
1 year ago 
2 years ago 
Scoreland please make more videos with current models, so we can see their breasts bounce.
3 years ago 
MORE BOUNCING VIDS like this one.
The new girl bunny brooks would
be great in one.
4 years ago 
This is why I signed up. Please feature more shaking and bouncing.
4 years ago 
Great video and music; just wish it was a bit longer. Yes,
more Sensual Jane!
5 years ago 
Sophie and Sensual Jane, WOW!
7 years ago 
need more videos of these super sexy women please
7 years ago 
Alexa is great.
7 years ago 
yeah the blondie is fine
7 years ago 
More sensual jane please, what amazing boobs!
7 years ago 
more please...great idea for a video.
7 years ago 
This is the ticket. Only natural boobs work for this kind of video - plus some slow mo wouldn't go amiss.

7 years ago 
Simple yet effective .. luved the jiggle action and music ! more like this please !
7 years ago 
This is it! More like this!

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