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Alex Chance is at a restaurant waiting for a blind date to arrive. Jack turns up and they shake hands. "Wow, It's great to put a face to the voice," says Alex. "So you work with my friend Samantha at the mall?" he asks, eyeballing her big tits. "Yes, I was so nervous when she said she was setting us up," replies Alex. "But I'm glad I'm here. Mind if I step away to go to the bathroom?"

While Alex excuses herself, he calls his friend who set them up. "Samantha, we're here. She's in the bathroom. She's cute."

Alex returns and takes her jacket off, showing heavy boobs ready to spill out of her tight mini-dress like an overflowing dam. They see there is chemistry between them so they go to her place to start mixing those chemicals.

Jack discovers he didn't bring any rubbers. Now he's worried that he won't get to fuck Alex while he has this chance. "I don't want to use any condoms," Alex tells him. "I want you to come inside my pussy."

"You really are the perfect girl for me," Jack… Read More »
Featuring: Alex Chance and Jack Spade
Date: August 28th, 2017
Duration: 17:56

Member Comments

10 months ago 
Love the creampie. Alex it totally hot. Can't get too much of her...
10 months ago 
A creampie on the first date, that's my kind of woman!

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