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Voluptuous Theater

Featuring: Alanna Ackerman
Date: December 30th, 2007
Duration: 19:29
"I just got re-fitted for new bras because I noticed my old bras were getting a bit tight," said Alanna Ackerman. "My breasts seem to have grown to the nice, ripe size of 36F. I almost hit the floor when I found out. My back may hurt from time to time but it's worth it to have these twins." Alanna also says she's a sex freak. That's why she wanted to fuck and suck on a big cock for the Scoreland cameras. "I love sex more than life itself. I have a huge nipple fetish so I love looking at girls that have big tits. That's how I knew about Scoreland. I can't go a day without fucking. I'm also a chronic masturbator.

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