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Princess Pumpkins
Princess Super Doll
"As a fan of slim 'n' stacked beauties, SCORE has just hit the jackpot with Princess Pumpkins!" Dannyk83 commented." Not since the legendary Crystal Gunns has a SCORE Girl left me literally speechless! Regardless of what happens between now and the end of the year, I just found my pick for Newcomer of the Year!"

Considering all of the amazing girls who have appeared at SCORELAND since Crystal, that's super-high praise for this super Barbie-style living doll, a fantasy girl straight out of an Otis Sweat painting.

SCORELAND: Have you heard of Beshine?

Princess: Yes. I've seen pictures of her. A lot of her fans follow me also, so we're kind of connected like that. She shares some of my stuff that she likes.

SCORELAND: Who's bustier?

Princess: She's probably bustier than me.

SCORELAND: Do you aspire to be as busty as Beshine?

Princess: No. I really like the way I look now. It's the biggest you can go in the U.S., and I'm comfortable with the way I look. This is the look I wanted in the beginning. I like the big, round, fake-looking, bolted-on look of boobs.

SCORELAND: I'm not getting the bolted-on look from you.

Princess: Yeah, it's hard for me to get that actual bolted-on look because I was naturally busty.

SCORELAND: That bolted-on look comes when a woman isn't naturally busty.

Princess: Yes, when the skin stretches really, really tight. And it's a good look. I like that. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to achieve it.

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Roxi Red
Roxi Red's First Anal Sex Scene
Roxi Red opens the show with an introduction before she does her first anal sex scene. "I'm a little nervous and I'm also excited at the same time," Roxi says, waiting in bed for things to start. When Roxi first started at SCORE, she usually had a serious expression. Over time, she began to relax more and more. Here, she's smiling and looks eager.

Our cameraman asks her if her butthole will open up...if it's going to be a challenge. Roxi says it will be. He asks her why. "It's tight, for one," Roxi replies. "And you know, this is all kinda new to me. I've had anal sex before. You just have to be slow and cautious with me. I've tried cowgirl position and also on my side."

Roxi and the photographer went to a sex store to buy a few things for this scene. (One of the perks of being a photographer. The clerks must have flipped out.) Her purple mesh dress was one purchase. Roxi gets off the bed to model it. She would not got out wearing it, Roxi says.

Roxi also bought another item. A butt plug. She used it the night before this scene. Roxi describes what she did to open up her tush-pipe, and with a little lube, all went according to plan.

Roxi said she'd like it best if her partner played with her pussy during the anal.

Usually the guys in Roxi's scenes are on the quiet side. Dray's never seen Roxi before and he's happily stunned when he sees her. He talks about her tits, asks Roxi questions and enjoys touching them. He keeps burying his face in them and describes what that's like. Roxi likes his nipple sucking.

Roxi sits on the edge of the bed to suck Dray's dick. He's eager to stick his cock between her tits and fuck them. Like other guys before him, his cock vanishes in Roxi's cleavage. He tit-fucks Roxi some more on the bed, straddling her chest.

Roxi gets her pussy fucked first. Then Dray inserts the butt plug to open her ass, doing it carefully and methodically. Roxi gets hotter and hotter, and when he fucks her ass in doggie, then in missionary, she goes totally wild.

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Demmy Blaze
Demmy's Cleavage Class
Who knows what kind of clothing and underwear look the sexiest and the hottest on a stacked girl better than another stacked girl? That was why a lingerie company made Demmy Blaze one of their spokesmodels when she walked into one of their shops in her city to buy lingerie for her photo shoots.

Demmy teaches a lesson in what kind of outfits and shoes a girl with big boobs and a super-curvy body should wear if she wants to stand out and stick out. Dresses and tops have to make the boobs the center of attention. Demmy likes the highest heels because they arch her back, push her breasts and pelvis forward and make her booty stick out. When her lesson is finished, it's time for Demmy to bust her moves.

SCORELAND: So Demmy, do you drive a car? Do shoulder belts fit you comfortably?

Demmy: I don't drive a car but I have a driver license. By law I have to have on a shoulder belt for my safety. They are not so comfortable. I always had a lot of attention from the driving instructors. Maybe that is why any kind of study was always easy for me.

SCORELAND: Do you ever hide things in your cleavage?

Demmy: I don't have much room in my bra. Sometimes I hide money there. That is all I can put in there.


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Amaya May
Tit Chat With Amaya May
On the bed where she will spread her legs and bounce her bongos in her big boobs and toy scene, Amaya May talks to SCORE and Vmag editor Dave. He wastes no time asking Amaya to get out her clothing. This is how all interviews should be conducted. Amaya talks tits, her tattoos, web-cams, how she made her way to SCORE and more.

SCORELAND: So you get on the webcam and then what happens?

Amaya: I just do all kinds of things. I cam from my dance studio, so there are all kinds of fun rooms. I'll go into the gymnastics room and hang out in there. I can do naked tumbling, cartwheels and splits, or I can go into my dance room and tap dance. Guys love to see naked or topless tap dancing. And I have a tanning room, so sometimes I do a show where I'll oil up. I do all kinds of different stuff.

SCORELAND: And you were actually discovered on your webcam, weren't you?

Amaya: Yes. It was just an average day in my room and someone named Elliot from The SCORE Group said, "You should get in touch with us. You might be great to come in and film and do some modeling. Maybe some videos." So at first I didn't get a hold of him. I had him email me through my cam site. Kind of blew it off. I thought he was somebody trying to act like he was important. But then he emailed me back and I actually sent in pictures and the whole nine yards, and it kinda went from there....

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Amaya May
The Big Bouncing Bodacious Boobs of Amay…
It may be a cliche to use the expression "built like a brick house" but it applies perfectly to Amaya May. This woman has massive natural tits and each big boob is much larger than a man's head. Amaya could do a lot of damage if she swung them at your face and connected.

Fortunately, Amaya uses her big tits for good, positive things, such as burying a cock between them as she's done in her XXX hardcore scenes. In this scene, she uses the bed as a trampoline so her jugs jiggle and bounce

"The guys in my cam room always want to watch my tits bounce!" Amaya said. "I love those horny fuckers." Amaya's webcam and Twitter name is Giggles_4u. She used to be a stripper at private parties.

After Amaya's breast exercises are completed and she's totally divested of clothes, lingerie and shoes, she sticks her toy in deep. When she pulls it out, she licks it, tasting her pussy juice. It's always very hot when a girl does that.

"My tits are the biggest in my town. When I drive, seat belts are always uncomfy. My boobies are always in the way!" We guessed as much.


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Lana Ivans
Total Sex With Lana Ivans
Total sex. That's what Lana Ivans promised and that's what the Romanian honey delivered. She has a doll-like appearance and eager-to-please nature and an unreal, smokin' sexy body.

Lana has the same kind of personality as many other European SCORE Girls. Feisty, spunky, fun-loving, energetic, with the same mischievous glint in the eyes. And Lana smiles a satisfied, happy smile when the special sauce cums her way. Her Euro stunt-dick did a fine job of work boning her.

Lana claimed that eating corn stimulates breast growth. She was backed up in this claim by another Romanian bra-buster, Arianna Sinn. It seems that this belief in the boob power of corn is a Romanian thing. Meanwhile, Sophia Mae, a Czech, said beer does the job. Lana now does solo webcam modeling.


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Alena Snow
Big Tits of Norway
Alena Snow was a feature stripper from Norway. She settled in Dallas, Texas and traveled North America unhooking her huge bras and showing her super-sized 36G boobs to strange men who spend all their free time and life savings at strip clubs. Guys like you and us. We took Alena away from these men for a short time, dropped her on a bed and asked her to play with her big tits and toy her Nordic pussy.

SCORELAND: Do you play or watch sports?

Alena: I play tennis and watch basketball.

SCORELAND: What would we never guess about you?

Alena: I wear Winnie The Pooh panties.

SCORELAND: Are you kinky?

Alena: I'm up for anything. I don't think it's kinky but I like sex on a water bed. Wow! I masturbate often so having extra batteries is a must.

SCORELAND: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Alena: Home crafts, sewing and reading.


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Sirale Is Knocked-Up
Remember Sirale? We have bra-breaking news. She got knocked-up. In her fourth month, Sirale contacted our photographer who filmed all of her previous scenes. We checked out her snaps to see how Sirale looked and set it up. Her big tits are even bigger and her nipples have enlarged.

SCORELAND: Hi Sirale, how are you? Congratulations on your mommy condition. Let us ask you, do you watch your scenes at SCORELAND?

Sirale: Yes, and I download them all. I enjoy watching them.

SCORELAND: Do you watch them by yourself or with someone?

Sirale: No, I watch them alone.

SCORELAND: What do you think as you watch them?

Sirale: I'm watching my mistakes. Thinking about what I can do better next time.

SCORELAND: Do you get horny and have sex when you play them?

Sirale: No. I just watch them and review myself.

SCORELAND: Has it changed you at all? Your personality or your sex drive?

Sirale: Yes. A lot. Because I like to be showing off a lot more now. Even pregnant.

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Hitomi is stranded in Los Angeles but everything will work out for the bust. She does find a place to hang her bras.

SCORELAND: So Hitomi, what is your favorite SCORE scene?

Hitomi: My favorite was the shoot on the boat in Miami in 2015.

SCORELAND: Everyone likes to see girls outside. When you are doing a solo video, what do you think about?

Hitomi: I think about what the fans want to see me do and how I can look more sexy.

SCORELAND: How did you become a model? [Hitomi started as a "gravure" (clothed) model in 2007.]

Hitomi: I started thinking about becoming a model when I was 17 years old. One day, an agent stopped me at the shopping mall when I was with a friend. That is how I began.

SCORELAND: Do you get recognized? When you come to Las Vegas every year for the adult expos, do many people know you?

Hitomi: There are many times when people recognize me as Hitomi. When some people recognized me near my apartment, I tried to escape from them, hiding my apartment location and said to them, "I am not Hitomi. You are mistaking me for somebody else." But if people recognize me when I am not near my home, I always say yes. It's always very exciting when people from overseas recognize me and say, "Hey, Hitomi!"



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Codi Vore
The big years for big-bust girl-girl sex was during the '90s. We shot loads of it in the USA and England. These days, we don't shoot many girl-girls. The last one was almost one year ago, an unusual and unique pairing of Lily Madison and Hitomi in Europe.

When Codi Vore hit SCORELAND and then Milly Marks debuted a few weeks later, the mail about seeing them together began to show up. It was only natural to see them licking each other's nipples and pussies so we brought it up to them and they liked the idea. Milly came from Dallas, Codi came from Las Vegas and they made their girl-connection in Los Angeles.

SCORELAND: What went through your mind when you were asked about doing this scene?

Codi: I hoped it wouldn't be awkward. It's always a little strange at first to do a scene with somebody you've never met before.

Milly: I was super-excited to do a girl-girl in general but even more excited because I knew of Codi and had watched some of her content beforehand.

SCORELAND: Where did you first learn about Milly? SCORELAND?

Codi: Yup! I saw her on SCORELAND first!

Milly: I first found out about her from checking out SCORELAND before I started with SCORE.

SCORELAND: Did you see any of her scenes before you went to LA?

Codi: No, I didn't.

Milly: No, I hadn't so I was a little nervous to see how things would work out when we met.

SCORELAND: What was it like for you when you met for the first time, before the shoots began? Did you crush on each other?

Codi: Milly and I were really quick friends. I felt casual and comfortable around her.

Milly: Codi and I were instantly friends! She's super-sweet and easy on the eyes. It also felt really good to be around another girl my age with a very similar body type. That almost never happens. I definitely had a little girl-crush on her.

SCORELAND: Physically, what do you love best about her?

Codi: Her hair is fantastic...really thick and shiny.

Milly: I really love her face and her big tits. I think it's a tie.

SCORELAND: On a personality connection?

Codi: Milly and I are both pretty blunt and down-to-earth. I really enjoyed doing this with her.

Milly: I love Codi's bubbly personality. It made me feel really at ease and comfortable with her.

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Breastfully Clean
College grad Daria is a very clean girl and this scene is proof of that. She must give a great, sexy sponge bath. What we have here is true girlfriend material. As in her shower scene, Daria is a sudsy and soapy wet dream but she's real, incredibly real. Her big boobs are still growing. Daria told us so.

In this 25th year of SCORE, Daria has the same kind of curvy body and overall look of girls from the early years of Voluptuous magazine. Girls who would have never thought of taking their clothes off but did so only because of great timing and happenstance.

Daria's a girl who likes to workout hard, study hard and party with her girlfriends when she has the chance, going with them to concerts and DJ fests. We can just picture Daria in a soaking wet tank top and shorts dancing for hours in a crowd of ravers with a foam machine pumping out the suds.

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Vanessa Y.
The Big Boobs & Bush Sauna
Voluptuous Model of the Year Vanessa Y. likes to visit the sauna when she wants to relax. Naturally, her photographer felt compelled to follow Vanessa with his camera. That warms her up faster than the sauna and within seconds, Vanessa disposes of her towel and is squeezing her big boobs and pulling her pussy hair. If anyone is a natural-born camera lover, Vanessa is the one.

Since she's already naked, there's no waiting for skin. Vanessa gets on her knees in a doggie position with her fine ass and full bush in our faces. The Polish princess spreads her pussy wide, pulling her thick outer lips apart to give us sizzling views of her pink taco. Her gynecologist is not this fortunate.

Vanessa faces us and switches back to her big tits, squeezing and licking them as she gives us the eye, her legs spread wide open. Vanessa would have made a very hot stripper. She would have had the guys sitting in the front row running to the men's room after seeing this.

Skipping the toys this time, Vanessa dips a forefinger in deep and frigs her pussy fast and hard, her other hand clamped onto her breast. She leans her head back, closes her eyes and churns until she explodes. After she cums, she needs to cool off. Out of breath, she takes a shower. We'll stick around and watch, just in case she needs extra soap.