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The Post-graduate Study of Daria
Why did university graduate and big-boobed girl-next-door Daria decide to become a model? She's here at SCORELAND for post-graduate studies in the anatomy of the curvy and shapely female body.

"I like to feel sexy and beautiful and posing makes me feel that way," Daria said after this photo shoot. "It has given me confidence in many ways. I am more assured now. When I was offered this chance, I was happy to try it. I liked it right away."

When she wasn't doing her photos and videos, Daria enjoyed walking around Prague, taking in all the sights and sounds. "I enjoyed seeing all the historic buildings and how life is there. It was amazing. It is a special occasion for me to have these opportunities and I hope that the guys like what I do."

We asked Daria what she would be wearing in public if she wasn't in everyday, super-casual clothes.

"I think the kind of clothes I look sexiest in are tight jeans with a tight shirt and high heels. I also think that an office look is also very sexy and looks nice on me for certain occasions."

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Milly Marks
The Horny Coed
SCORELAND Girls have always been greatly encouraged to continue their education. With the high costs of tuition, books, bras, tank tops and plaid skirts in America, modeling can be a fast track method to earning enough money to pay for university and other institutions of higher education and career training. The list of girls who have posed here over the last 25+ years in the pursuit of various degrees and certifications is extensive. For some reason, the nursing field attracts very many of them but that's another story.

In this scene, Milly Marks has also taken this path to academic success. Here we see coed Milly involved in the learning process with one of her instructors who was just about to have a snack at his desk. Naturally, he goes ape when Milly takes his banana and puts it in her mouth. This tutoring session is postponed temporarily while Milly fucks his brains out. We are certainly very proud of Milly.

Stunt-cocks were a novelty for Milly.

Milly: I'm used to average dicks. I've been with a few small guys but I would say they're usually average.

SCORELAND: What do you think about porn cock?

Milly: It's scary but it's hot so it's cool and it feels good.

SCORELAND: Do you watch your scenes?

Milly: I've gone on SCORELAND and watched other people's scenes, but I don't think I want to watch mine. I think it's very different. It's like when you hear yourself on a voicemail...when you hear a recording, you don't want to hear it because you think, "Do I sound like that?" I'd be thinking, "Do I look like that?" I don't want to see it. When I'm in a strip club, I'm not in front of a mirror when I'm dancing, so it's different. But if I was dating someone, it would be cool to say, "This is the link if you want to watch me." It would probably get them off.

SCORELAND: Of course it would.

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Bare In The Country
On a nice, sunny day, Hitomi visits a quiet place in the country. After a look around, she undresses. Hitomi may be a world-famous model now but she still has a shy side.

SCORELAND: Hitomi, you are so comfortable naked. Do you go to nude beaches?

Hitomi: No, I have never gone. Sometimes I wish I could. I don't go to the beach and pools because people stare. I did like to wear swimsuits on shoots in Mexico and the Dominican Republic but it was private with other models.

SCORELAND: How do you care for your breasts? Any special exercises?

Hitomi: Everybody asks me this kind of question. But I really don't do anything special like exercises. I just do one thing. I massage and put cream on the lymph glands of my breasts after bathing.

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Karina Hart
Tool Time Girl
Karina Hart once said, "I thought I would model once or twice and that would be it. I didn't plan on becoming a star."

Karina didn't model once or twice after all. She posed many times.

There was no way Karina could not become a big-bust star. She was voted number-two in the Twenty Greatest Girls contest posted in Specials, only topped by Linsey Dawn McKenzie.

Karina was turned loose in a workshop in this video and pictorial. But working in a machine shop is not really for her, nor is it a good idea for her coworkers. This big-boobed beauty would distract them and they'd hammer their thumbs more than the nails. Karina gives up after a few minutes to do what she does best.

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Lana Ivans
Between Her Big Tits
The minute you see some models for the first time, you think, "She's not going to only pose nude for long. She's going to play with the cock." They give off horny energy.

Lana had this big boob hound at hello in her tits & tugs video, now upgraded to HD. He got worked up watching the beautiful Romanian brunette gyrate in her tight top and skimpy thong panty. As soon as he could, he got on her sexy tits--licking and sucking her nipples--and motorboated her. Then she was tit-fucked and creamed.

Some girls stop at tits & tugs. Some take it to the next level of horny hotness. Lana took it to the next level after this.


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Ariane Saint-Amour
Beauty & The Bath
Ariane Saint-Amour likes to watch wrestling. "I find it very interesting," Ariane said. Since pro wrestling is a huge cosplay show with drama, action and mystery ramped up to the highest degree, we get why Ariane likes it so much.

Ariane attends comic and cosplay conventions in Montreal and has a vast array of costumes and latex outfits. Her costumes and masks are like second skins. Ariane is more than a model, she's a performance artist and she is the artwork. Her skin is also her canvas, reflecting her love of the ink.

Talking about her super-sized boobs, Ariane said, "These puppies don't need a bra! Bras are mostly when I need to move around. Bouncing is fun and games but not when shopping."

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Helen Star
Star Boobs
Like her little sister Erin, Helen Star is here to drive men insane. That makes them both happy. "It is fun to see a man losing his mind over my cleavage," Helen laughed. Her deep cleavage is not the only thing that guys go crazy over. She's the total package.

Now that Helen is strutting her stuff at SCORELAND, there's a world of guys losing their sanity over the sight of her. "I think that is very satisfying to me," she added. Her fishnet stockings and tight red jacket is the kind of outfit a rock star would wear. Well, she is a rock star here.

When Helen takes her big, pliable tits in her hands, they overflow. When she wants to cum, she rubs her clit and thick pussy lips hard and fast. After Helen has her explosion, she relaxes and chats with the photographer. At his side is the very charming XL Girl Mia Sweetheart. Mia is the interpreter here as she was for Erin. They talked about her shoots.

"It was really, really great," said Helen. "It helped to build up my confidence. It was a new experience and I would do it again."

They asked Helen what kind of dates she likes.

"Very romantic ones," Helen replied. Well, we are in Romania, land of romance, candlelight, wine and guys playing the violin in your ear.

"I like to be the dominant one," Helen added. "I like to be the boss."

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Chrissy Monroe
First On-Camera XXX For A Big-boobed Blo…
"I just got my breasts measured and they're 36-inches so the fitter put me in a 38DDD bra," said Chrissy Monroe. She has on a blue tank top and denim shorts and dances a bit before she tells us a little more about herself.

Chrissy used to be an exotic dancer before she became a Love Ranch Girl in Nevada. She was recommended by Lance Kincaid, a photographer who shot many big-boobed girls in the 1990s for SCORE and Vmag including Rachel Love. He was photographing girls at the Ranch and couldn't help but notice Chrissy's abundant chest.

"I danced for around eight or nine years and I was known for the size of my areolas and my special talent was bouncing them around to the beat of a song." Chrissy demonstrates how she does this. We'd have liked to have seen her do this bouncing for a couple of minutes but Carlos is waiting to get into bed with her and get it on. Who could blame him?

This is Chrissy's first time doing a hardcore scene on-camera. She said she was a little nervous. Carlos gets to sucking Chrissy's nipples and squeezing her big tits. Next, he fills her mouth with his cock as she kneels. Chrissy deepthroats him, sucking his dick hands-free and cupping her boobs as he pumps her mouth.

They climb into bed. Chrissy gets on her back so Carlos can fuck her tits. She squeezes them together so it's a tight fit. Then she spreads her legs and pulls them back with her hands. After tapping her clit a few times with his meat-hammer, Carlos fucks her, first in missionary, then from behind and more. He lifts Chrissy off the bed after she cowgirls him and puts her on her knees. Taking his cock in hand, she vigorously jerks his load into her open mouth.

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Kitty Cute
Pretty Kitty Got Titty
The third big-breasted natural from SCORELAND's recent Romanian haul is pretty Kitty Cute (November 2017 Voluptuous), a girl who had never posed for a professional studio before. The photographer reported that Kitty was a fast learner and a pleasure to teach.

"I began to get large breasts at age 13," said Kitty. "In my neighborhood, I was the girl who got a lot of guys asking me out and wanting to do things for me. As I got older, I learned that I had more power than other girls. That made them jealous of me. That is how girls can be and I have no control of that. I am what nature gave me and I like it."

Kitty doesn't need to wear revealing outfits to attract attention although she does when she feels like it.

"I like to wear casual outfits like jeans and T-shirts. I always need to wear a good bra because I need the support. My breasts are very heavy so I need a good bra or the straps will press on my shoulders."


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Morgan Leigh
Holiday Hooter Hump
Morgan Leigh said she would do an on-camera tit-fuck and hand job once and only once. For the first and last time, Morgan put on her star spangled banner bikini and went to the beach to do a P.O.V. Tits & Tugs.

If Morgan sauntered over to you and offered you a hand party, would you decline? As her target drove his skin tanker through Morgan's titty tunnel, her masterful cock-milking finally makes his balls brakes go out and his load of man-juice overturns, soaking her surrounding hills. Not surprising.

A man would have to have iron balls to resist the handiwork of a babe as slim-n-stacked as the great Morgan Leigh. As we mentioned before, this was it for Morgan so keep this remastered scene in a safe place. It wasn't easy to "pull off" on the beach.

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Kaytee Carter
A Real Life Farmer's Daughter
SCORE editor Dave wrote about Kaytee Carter, "The fact is, Kaytee is not the type of girl you'd normally expect to take off her clothes for an adult website or in an international men's magazine. Before she came to us, she'd never posed nude, never danced nude. She'd never even sunbathed nude."

Kaytee Carter was natural, smooth, comfortable and relaxed on-camera. A massage therapist by profession (one of our top ten fantasy jobs for chicks), Kaytee's an action girl who likes camping, shooting, guns, fishing and anything adventurous.

She also enjoys clubbing, rooting for the San Diego Chargers, TV crime shows and "surprise" dates. "Dinner, dancing or four-wheeling in the desert. Anything fun. I'm pretty easy to please and I have fun no matter what I'm doing."

Kaytee said that breast men don't chase her. That's crazy. "Every guy I've ever been with has not been a boob man. They're usually ass men, which makes no sense to me."

Like the saying goes, some things are not really understood and maybe it's better that way.

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Auto Buff Squad
Dulcinea joins the busty car wash squad. She gives these wheels a good auto-buffing in the buff. Those wheels aren't hot but Dulcinea's body, boobs and bush are.

SCORELAND: Dulcinea, have you ever flashed or streaked in public?

Dulcinea: I've never gone full-on streaking before but I've flashed my tits more than once.

SCORELAND: What kind of swimsuits do you generally like to wear?

Dulcinea: I really love going to nude beaches because I don't have to wear swimsuits, but if I'm somewhere that requires swimwear, I have a tiny pink string bikini that barely fits. It's perfect because I can just slide the top off when I'm in the water.

SCORELAND: Are you called by any pet names?

Dulcinea: I have a dom friend who calls me Sweet Pea.

SCORELAND: What's the best compliment you've ever heard?

Dulcinea: When one of the male talents told me he would love to shoot with me again during my first time at SCORE. I still brag about that!

SCORELAND: Have you ever been an exotic dancer?

Dulcinea: Nope, I'm terrible at dancing! I'd have to take a lot of classes before I gave it a shot.

SCORELAND: Well, you'd be great at it.