Big Boob Scenes

Angela White - Girl Girl Big Tits video
May 13
Angela White
  24:41 Mins.
Angela White and Maggie Green Get Busy
Now settled in the St. Maarten villa, Leanne changes into a sexy green bikini after meeting Charley Green and Angela White and explores the plush hooter hideaway in this tropical heaven. Leaning over the terrace railing, she sees fellow British bra-buster Michelle Bond lying on a huge trampoline. Michelle is wearing a purple bikini that looks ready to rip from the stress her 34H tits are exerting on the straps. "Come down and join me," Michelle coaxes. Leanne needs no urging. She's there in a flash. It was no easy task to transport this massive trampoline to the island but we managed to squeeze it into the overhead compartment of the jet and the results were well worth it as you can see when Michelle and Leanne go bouncy-bouncy in unison, their huge naturals flying and falling out of their bikini tops, some of it in slow motion. Leanne loves to wrestle other girls and mash her tits in their faces and she gives Michelle a little taste of this. "I used to stay up late and watch wrestling when I was younger" Leanne said, explaining how this pleasurable hobby of hers developed. "I like to have pillow fights with my girlfriends, take their faces and shove their faces into my cleavage." The girls are exhausted after all of this boobalicious jumping and flying through the air with the greatest of tease. Leanne heads back inside to her smartphone and laptop to work on her video blog. There, she sees hot chicks Angela and Maggie, also decked out in their bikinis, heading to the pool area. The pretty pair got very well acquainted in Chapter four of Angela White Finally Fucks on SCORELAND. Now they want some girl time. Maggie pours oil over her stacked bod and that sight gets Angela horny for Maggie's nipples, lips and pussy. Maggie feels the same and the two shapely kittens can't keep their fingers and tongues off each other. Their tongues explore pink slits and erect nips. It's best that Angela and Maggie keep out of the pool because their heated bodies would turn the water into steam. Leanne's Stacked Summer is a heatwave of hooters and it's just getting warmed up.
Shelby Gibson - Solo Big Tits video
Dec 14
Shelby Gibson
  10:53 Mins.
Stacked In Swimsuits
Shelby Gibson, SCORE WILF, introduced herself with a bra and panties show and also surprised everyone with a bushy pussy in a time when most models have a close shave. She returned to bust out in tight tops. Now the former Hooters waitress and wife of a longtime SCORE magazine reader shows her moves in a variety of extreme swimsuits. Would Shelby actually wear these at a public beach or pool? Would she wear them at a private resort? Would she even wear them at all in any kind of public place? Yes to all of the above! Shelby is a woman who is proud of her super-slim and super-stacked figure and proud to show it at SCORE. Because Shelby wanted to and her hub is a very generous member of the Boob Brotherhood. We know that many husbands wouldn't want their busty wives to model for anyone but themselves at home. A beaming Shelby talks about how she feels when guys check her out. Some whistle. Some bark. Some try to chat her up. They all do double or triple takes regardless of the sounds they might make. Sometimes the women can be catty and jealous, something many other SCORE Girls have faced. We asked Shelby about the suits she wears in this scene and other important questions. SCORE: Shelby, out of the swimsuits you modeled, which one was your favorite, if any, and why? Shelby: The white one and the blue one were my favorites. They made me feel incredibly sexy and desirable. SCORE: Which one(s) would you never wear in public? Shelby: The red microkini was fun for the shoot but I would never wear it in public. SCORE: Which suits would you wear to a resort for adults or a private beach or pool? Shelby: I would definitely wear the white one and the blue one. SCORE: What's your favorite style of swimsuit, in general? Shelby: The right monokini emphasizes my assets the best. SCORE: Have you ever worn any suits like these to a public beach? If you did, what kind of reactions did you get? Shelby: Yes, I've worn monokinis like the blue one on the beach. It's a lot of fun because I get lots of head turning and long looks. LOTS of attention! SCORE: What companies and brands do you buy your swimsuits from? Shelby: Custom-made is really my only option because off the rack just doesn't fit. SCORE: Do you do a lot of bikini modeling at home for fun, indoors or outdoors? Shelby: Some. It's so much fun and a real turn-on. SCORE: Do you always wear heels with your swimsuits? Shelby: Not on the beach of course but heels are good on the way to the beach and after. I get even more attention! SCORE: What criteria does a suit need to meet before you buy it? Shelby: It needs to turn heads and drop jaws! SCORE: Thank you, Shelby!
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