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Alura Jenson
Boom-Boom In The VIP Room
In this playpen of pussy, stacked stripper Alura Jenson struts her sexy stuff while the patrons watching her dance sit, sip and grow enough wood to stock a furniture warehouse.

Alura has been dancing for Mr. Largo in the VIP Room, and when her dance is over, she gets off the mini-stage, goes over to him and gets on his boner. Anything goes in this VIP room. Grinding. Motorboating. Fucking. Sucking. He has hit the juggy jackpot with this bodaciously brazen babe. There is no hotter couch and cooch dancer at the club. Plus no managers to stop the party.

Alura jerks his joint with a hot palm and swallows it with a trained mouth. She squeezes her big tits together with his dick between them. She climbs on his lap, shoves his longhorn into her stripper pussy and rides it like it's the mechanical bronco at a country-western bar.

Where would America be without busty strippers? Nowhere.

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Paola Rios
Paola Trims Her Patch Of Heaven
Sweet-faced Latina Paola Rios tries on a new bustier she's brought back to the apartment she's staying in with the SCORE team.

It fits her like a tit-glove, allowing substantial boobage to overflow and create pleasingly round mounds. Paola likes what she sees in the mirror. She tells us in Spanish (with English subtitles) that she's let her pubic hair grow so she'll have more to shave off as we watch.

Paola is not going to shave her pussy completely bald. She'll leave it trimmed. How many girls have you known who have shared this most-intimate and personal act of female grooming? Paola is a very considerate girl.

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Dominno Always Delivers
Slinky brunette Dominno, a kissin' cousin to another slinky brunette Jasmine Black, causes the domino effect when guys see her.

"Men have run down the street to get my phone number or email address," Dominno told us. "One guy, he was almost hit by a car. Well, he was actually brushed by it. It's crazy that a guy would risk his life like that.

"I guess a lot of men watch porn. More than I thought. I am still recognized by cab drivers, waiters, bartenders, police men, store clerks. It's very flattering. I'm amazed they are looking at my face and not my tits or my pussy."

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Chrissy Monroe
A Monster Toy For Chrissy
Chrissy Monroe holds court at different times of the season at the Love Ranch North in Moundhouse, Nevada near Carson City, where she'll blow your shorts off and fuck your brains out.

"I masturbate often," said Chrissy. This time, she's brought a long, thick, monster dildo with balls that she's using to fill-up her pussy. "When I don't have a lot of time, I can usually play with my clit and get off in a couple of minutes. If I have time, I play with toys and edge myself until I can't take the sensation anymore and cum."

Chrissy gets as much action as she can handle at Love Ranch. Does she also like to have sex in public places?

"I have fucked and given a blow job in a movie theater. No one was around our seats. They were up front. It was still invigorating!"

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Erin Star
The Erin Star Workout
It's a beautiful, sunny day at the pool, perfect conditions for Erin Star to get some workout time under an umbrella. Erin takes off her top and bottom as she goes through her fitness routine, stopping to make her big tits all shiny with some suntan gel.

Erin is a miracle of nature. And there are two of 'em! Her big sister Helen also has one curvy rack.

"I had so much fun at my first shootings," Erin wrote to our studio team in Miami. "It was the most-fun thing I ever did, and it paid so well." Erin said she doesn't work out, but she's doing a good job of it in this scene and shakes her big boobs extremely well. Practice makes perfect.


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Milly Marks
That Busty, Lusty Girl
Milly Marks has a hot daytime date and it's going to finish up with a happy ending. One of the all-time horniest and most sexual girls to ever enter SCORELAND, Milly's erotic personality and pure heat is off-the-charts.

We checked in with Milly after this steamer of a boy-girl XXX scene. She's made some lifestyle changes.

SCORELAND: What's the name of the club you dance in?

Milly: I'm not dancing anymore because I'm a full time student!

SCORELAND: Do you still live in the same house of dancers?

Milly: I recently moved out of my big house full of strippers, but now I have a nice apartment with one stripper friend.

SCORELAND: Wow. Big change. Part of this scene was in a car. Do you drive? Do shoulder-belts annoy you?

Milly: I do a lot of driving because it's therapeutic for me and the seat belts can get annoying because they usually ride up to my neck or I put it down below my boobs and then it's not really doing much for my safety. Hopefully, my tits work like airbags.

SCORELAND: Do you ever do any tit-fucking with a bra on?

Milly: Yes, I love getting tit-fucked with a bra on because it makes everything tighter for the cock and it's a good way to start out and tease, in my opinion.

SCORELAND: It's always a pleasure to see your pix and videos. Hearing you tell the guy to come on your tits in your video added even more heat.

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Alessandra Miller
Tits & Ass Latin Style
Alessandra Miller wanted to get into adult modeling, so she checked out SCORE. With her looks and big tits, this hot Latina was just what the boob-lovin' doctor prescribed. Alessandra was ready for both solos and hardcore with guys and girls. She loves role-playing and fantasy sex. Her first hardcore is already done.

"I like to look sexy all the time," Alessandra said during this shoot. "Tight skirts, dresses and stretchy tops, bikinis, the highest heels, and sexy lingerie panties and bras underneath. The clothes in my shoots are mine. I have a closet full of them."

"I am very assertive in sex. I love oral sex from a guy who knows what he is doing. One of my fantasies is working in a place and having sex with the boss who is a hot stud."

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Goldie Ray
Ass Cream Dream
Goldie Ray is one of the most-electric girls to parade her pulchritude through these portals of perky pointers. Passion and horny energies flow and gush out of Goldie like a river through a busted dam. Goldie's face just lights up with glee and lust in the SCORE studio.

Wearing a belly shirt, short-shorts and platform heels and looking super-sexy, the blonde bomber sits on top of Al and brings her tits over to his face for a snack before the main event kicks off.

"You like those tits?" asks Goldie, grinding on top of him. "Is it going to take you a while to get used to?" she kids. "Yeah, I think you're having a hard time with them. Is it going to be hard to take real tits like this? Or are you going to love every second of it?"

"Love every second," replies Al, kissing Goldie's moving targets. "I think they like you back," Goldie says. "I can hardly wait for your cock to be in between them," she tells him breathlessly, wanting that cock ASAP.

Goldie turns around to grind his junk in a lap dance without music. "I love a man who can handle my tits," Goldie tells Al as he squeezes and rubs her creamy white hooters from behind. She joins in, licking and pinching them until her nipples are as hard as erasers on a pencil.

"Grab a handful of heaven," implores Goldie. "Get those big, fat tits ready for big, fat dick!" Al bends her over his knee and fingers her tight butthole, preparing it for Mr. Bone's visit. The ass fucking is some of the hottest. But first, some titty-fucking is requested by Goldie. What the lady wants, the lady gets. What a dirty mouth on this girl!

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Alia Janine
Born To Be Naked
Alia Janine hates to see dirty things. She has a beautiful, busty body and appreciates beauty all around her. That's why she had to do something about this dirty ATV, a beauty of mechanical engineering in the same way that Alia's chassis is a beauty of nature.

One of the most-enjoyable sights in life is seeing a hot chick washing a vehicle on a sunny day. Big, soapy tits under a sopping wet T-shirt and a man-pleasing ass wrapped in tight shorts. That's the true meaning of life.

"I usually dress in T-shirts and tank tops, unless I'm going out to someplace nice. Then I'll wear a tight dress or miniskirt," said Alia who called herself a "clothing removal technician," a job position more girls with the right bodies should fill.

Alia described herself as, "a slightly above-average nerd with a pornstar body and a sarcastically dry, yet witty personality. And I party like a rock star."


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Melissa Mandlikova
Tits & Tugs
Behind Kristy Klenot, blonde Melissa Mandlikova undresses. She wants to join Kristy's hand party. Two Czechmates tit-banging and jerking one man, always great fun and great relief for cum-bloated nuts.

The two girls pull down the tops of their slips to expose their big hooters but leave their high heels on. Melissa wants to join in so Kristy allows her to grab his dick and shake it too.

"Yeah, play wit' him," Kristy says to Melissa in her accented English, her tongue licking her lips. She's the way nastier of the two. "You vant to fuck our titties? Yeah, you vant. Bad boy!" taunts wicked Kristy. She and Melissa get on the bed and proceed to get their tits fucked in every way they can think of.

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Ariane Saint-Amour
Yoga Boobs
It's time for the very sensual and sensuous Ariane Saint-Amour to workout, and after she does her Yoga, Ariane gets busy on another kind of workout session.

"I workout about three times a week," said slim and trim Ariane, a Montreal hottie into cosplay, dancing and modeling.

SCORELAND: Do you have any special talents?

Ariane: I have a very good control over certain muscles and I'm insanely cute and cuddly.

SCORELAND: What style of bras do you buy?

Ariane: Change and Curvy Kate are my two favorites, but if they fit, I'll buy them!

SCORELAND: When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts?

Ariane: I usually like to wear tight stuff like a tank top or V line-shaped dress.

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Alexsis Faye
Red-Hot Rack
Lovely Alexsis Faye has an assortment of bras on her bed and she is going to show us how she tests them using her own special methods. They have to hold the weight of her big, firm and heavy boobs, especially in motion, support her comfortably and look sexy too. Alexsis' bra show leads to some juicy hanky-spanky. Alexsis is a talkative, happy girl. Even her voice is very sexy.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, when you go out, what do you wear to draw attention to your breasts?

Alexsis: I like usually to dress in tight tops that make my boobs look huge and with big decollete.

SCORELAND: Do you get a lot of attention because of your chest?

Alexsis: I think it's impossible not to pay attention to my chest and I simply love it.

SCORELAND: Do you always wear a bra?

Alexsis: I always wear a bra when I go outside but if I go to the beach, I like to take the sun topless.

SCORELAND: Alexsis, thanks for making the world a better place.

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