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April 2003 Voluptuous

Look how sweet Zuzanna looks. How wholesome. How fresh and tender. A lovely girl of only 24 years old. So how is it possible that Zuzanna could take such savage craphole drillings by the biggest scumbags of Europe? How could she use her lovely lips to suck cocks straight out of her own asshole? How much can Zuzanna's pretty anus take before sheıll need to wear adult diapers for the rest of her life? Who is the real Zuzanna? How many more rhetorical questions can we ask? In the movie Zuzanna's Anal Rampage, her famous rectum was stretched beyond human endurance, and still she wanted more cock in her asshole, and then in her mouth. Even the hardened editors of Voluptuous and SCORE magazines were dismayed at the filthy sex acts busty Zuzanna and her band of German girlfriends performed without hesitation. This is pure sewage straight from the backalleys and skid row streets of Berlin, Germany, taped in a neighborhood so raunchy and rank that even the toughest vice cops are scared to go there. .
Featuring: Zuzanna
Duration: 30
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