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Holiday 2000 Score Boob Cruise 2000

The epitome of the golden haired, beautifully built sexbomb. A superb feature dancer. Mountain Dew's most valued customer. "Everyone knows it's" Windy brought her own glamour-cool style of sexuality to the Boob Cruise. And that "glamour cool" did not firewall her laser beam style of humor, and down-to-Earth powers of magnetism. Windy developed a major following within no time. At first, Windy seemed to be holding back, guarded, uncertain of what to expect on Boob Cruise, but that hesitancy evaporated quickly. The Boob Cruise was invented for having fun, letting one's inhibitions dissolve in the seawater. In this pictorial, Windy poses near St. Croix, U.S.
Featuring: Windy Leigh
Duration: 25
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