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Lisa And Wendy Whoppers

A tea party? You have to admit, it's a unique theme for a girl-girl layout, and it was all Lisa's and Wendy's idea. On Sanibel Island (off Florida's west coast) for a week-long video and photo shoot, these two superstars wanted to do something different. So, they came up with this idea and than went shopping to the local mall for the outfits and accessories. Not only did Wendy and Lisa come up with an original theme for their photo session, once the shooting began they showed everyone why they're two of the most polished models in the business. Best friends, both on and off stage, there's a wonderful sexual chemistry between these two that clearly shows in this layout shot by John Graham Studio lenser Dave Antony. Lisa and Wendy, while having personalities as different as two people could possibly be, have struck up a friendship which they hope to take on the road. They're in the process of putting together and marketing a show that will feature them both together. Both girls told us it would cure their only problem with life as a feature dancer-the loneliness of life on the road. Talk about a hard act to follow. Editor's note: At one time, a dynamic duo.
Featuring: Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers
Duration: 20
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