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In The Spotlight Set 3

"Everytime Wendy takes off her clothes, the passion grinds to a halt. Wendy just lies there like a waterballoon sloshing around." Even with a brutal critique like that, the "Wendy" series still did respectable business, especially with Whoppers' fan base. Even Shakespeare had his knockers, although not as huge as Wendy's. To be fair about it, Wendy's overall sexual performances are as capable and professional as any number of porn star, except someone like her had to have her tits fucked more than the average adult performer. Back in 1994, one of the more widespread publicity gimmicks in the big bust world was the planned "wedding" of Lisa and Wendy in Las Vegas. At the time, they were living together, often worked together and were close friends, so it made for good copy and talk. Why not? Their names were usually paired up anyway in the minds of the super-bazooka loving public: Lisa Lipps and Wendy Whoppers. Later they would go their separate ways, with Lisa remaining in Vegas, while Wendy would move to Ohio, then ultimately relocate to Florida, where she lives today.
Featuring: Wendy Whoppers
Duration: 20
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