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Structurally Sound

Featuring: Virginia Simms
Date: January 26th, 2011
Photos: 54
Pretty-girl Virginia Simms has a beautiful bod and could do very well as a model but the 21 year-old Czech uni student has other plans. Modeling for SCORE and V-mag was just the proverbial lark that many young coeds before her have tried to prove that they could do it and to earn some tuition money. Virginia keeps busy discussing such exciting, non-boobish topics as structural engineering, steel I-beam strength and concrete density. When she graduates next year, she will most likely continue her education and have little time to show her boobs and tush. �I have to think about my parents. They don�t know about my modeling and I think my father would not approve. He is rather strict and conservative. My friends at school probably would not approve either because they are very reserved and studious and they think that modeling is frivolous, no matter how demure and modest. So this may be my last time because of school, family and friends.� Virginia could one day apply her structural engineering skills to the bra industry. We could hook her up.

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