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In Red

It was the winter of 1990 and Virginia Felsom had a problem. Her breasts were too big! At least, Virginia felt this way, and all she wanted for Christmas was breast reduction surgery. But that costs money, and the only way Virginia could get enough was in front of the camera. Photographer Peter Marchant was the lucky photographer, and from the winter of Virginia's discontent, a legend was born! Here at Scoreland, we receive requests all the time to show a "new" set on Virginia Felsom. The sad truth is that there was but one weekend that any photos of Virginia were ever produced and the all the ones that we could find are posted right here. Peter Marchant, a UK photographer, was the only lensman ever to capture Virginia on film. In December of 1990, Virginia answered an ad soliciting models that Marchant had placed in a London newspaper. Marchant had planned to only shoot her for one day, but when she walked into his studio, he immediately realized that Virginia was a once in a lifetime find. Despite Marchant's persistence, Virginia only agreed to pose for the weekend, and she was true to her word. After all was said and done, Marchant had the only images of this woman who would go on to be one of the most revered naturally stacked models of all time.
Featuring: Virginia Felsom
Duration: 7
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