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Victoria Wearing Pink

Going back to an earlier statement, it seems to be true that Voluptuous Men are very outspoken about their personal favorites and who they want to see again and again. SCORE readers are like that too. Vicky fits the bill for many V Men, in that she has the aura of someone you could actually meet and date in real life while scheming to keep her in bed 12 hours a day. In other words, an "ordinary," stacked woman, not a glamourous stripper out to conquer the world. This is Vicky's 4th pictorial since her debut in our January '99 issue in which she was the covergirl. A relatively short span of time for four photo spreads. She's put on just a teensy bit of poundage, which is never a problem with us since it usually goes straight to the boobs anyway, and that's what we live for. Sure, we live for big tits, but what we also find very sexy about Vicky is her attractive kisser too. There's something about her facial features that projects a lot of character and sincerity as well as a quiet sexuality to the naughty glint in her eyes. Are we poets or what? Other magazines would just make up stuff like "she loves cum facials for breakfast." Vicky still works as a computer programmer in London.
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