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Hardcore Special

One of our favorite Milfs of the past four years, Vicky Vette looks at her life as a sexual education. She once told one of our editors, Christopher James, "I always liked anal as far back as I can remember, and I always felt bad about it. I thought I was a pervert and I was going to fry in hell! Even in my brief, first marriage, I'd find things in the house, different stuff that was the right size and shape, to use. But I'd feel so bad. I'd have these huge orgasms from having something up my ass and playing with my clit at the same time, but I couldn't sleep. I thought I was fucked up. I even rented some anal movies and I'd watch them and play with myself. When a cock is in my pussy, if the guy's on top and he's got a good motion, he's rubbing my clit at the same time on his pelvic bone. I'm getting the cock hitting my G-spot on the inside, and my clit is getting hit on the outside, so the orgasm I'll have is a good, deep orgasm, but not too intense. But when I have an orgasm anally, it wakes up every nerve ending in my body.
Featuring: Vicky Vette
Date: September 22nd, 2007
Duration: 46
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