Big Boob Photos » November 2003 Voluptuous

November 2003 Voluptuous

In this issue, Magda is a great example of the Legends of the early '90s while Vicky Lee is the newbie in her deb photo shoot. She's 25, born March 27, 1978 and lives in Plymouth, England. Vicky's 5'4", weighs 142 lbs. and measures 44-30-38 She has a very voluptuous body with a good tone to it, curvy where it counts, and her tits have nice hanging qualities. A singer, Vicky's hobbies are listening to music and riding horses. "I've been the center of attention since I was a teenager because of my breasts. Sometimes the attention was good, sometimes it was hurtful. There were times when I thought of getting them reduced by a doctor but my mum wouldn't let me. I'd meet other girls who said they wished they had what I have, so I left them alone." Thank God for that. The best shot of this pictorial is #19.
Featuring: Vicky Lee
Duration: 26
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