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Ass For Your Cash

Featuring Veronica Rayne
Date October 3rd, 2008
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In her doll-house pink pad, Veronica entertains her numerous gentlemen callers with grace and elegance. But first, fork over the cash, Romeo. Veronica doesn't even take off her jacket first unless she has that mean, lean green in her delicate little hands. Once those bills have been counted and tucked away, start your motor, drop your anchor and shove off, sailor. For a few dollars more--negotiable--you can sail your beef-boat up her culo-canal too, assuming that you can last that long after getting your cock sucked and fucking her tight, well-trained hooker cunt. She knows how to contract her pussy in waves that speed up her clients' nut-butter blasts. Because of her many mattress-backed talents, Veronica has many repeat customers, dudes who can't get the filthy, sleazy scenes they dream about from their girlfriends and wives. She'll squeeze their bloated scrotums or massage their prostates while they fuck her pussy or ass until they can hold back no longer and erupt like a volcano on a South Sea island. Unlike most hookers, she'll eat their dripping cum too. She knows the value of a satisfied customer.

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