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Voluptuous May 2006

Slim and stacked Vanessa made her debut in the May 1996 issue of Voluptuous when she was a nubile 18 year-old. Exactly ten years ago to the month. The two-time Boob Cruiser is a quiet chick who doesn't say much but has tremendous sexual charisma. Exactly the kind you have to watch out for. Vanessa is the kind of girl you would have a great time with if you met her at a wedding party. If you got lucky and didn't have any serious competition facing you, you'd hook up with her the rest of the weekend. Then you wouldn't hear from her for a long time unless you made the effort to phone her and leave a voice message. This scenario sounds like it could be the first 20 minutes of a Vince Vaughan movie. Vanessa hasn't modeled since the late '90s but she's still as nubile as when she was 18. .
Featuring: Vanessa
Duration: 38

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