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A Close Shave For Vanessa Y.

It was almost a close shave for Vanessa Y., two-time Voluptuous Model of the Year winner (2016 and 2015). The bra-busting pride of Poland went into the bathroom with her photographer intending to document the removal of her thick thatch with shaving cream and a razor. The bush garden so beloved by her devoted fans would be removed. Not even a landing strip would remain. No longer would she be able to stroke the fur of her beaver. Vanessa had told no one except her photographer in case protesters waving picket signs showed up at their secret location. Once in the shower, Vanessa creamed her follicle forest and picked up her blade. But then the moment of truth arrived. She was filled with conflicting emotions. Vanessa's hand froze just as she was about to level her pussy patch and go bare like so many girls today.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: January 21st, 2018
Duration: 80

Member Comments

3 months ago 
Such a tease ! And what an amazing mature anatomy of this incredible woman.
Don�t care much about bushy pussy or not really.
It�s always Vanessa !!
Seeing her is such a deep emotion and a big instant hard-on, one way or another.
And what I really like is watching this polish goddess doing the naughty things she does with those big realistic toys !
Cum back soon with more Vanessa Y. !!
4 months ago 
Happy Anniversary VANESSA ! 1979 - 2018 Jan 24th 39Y !!
You look incredibly hot, natural and sexy !
Nave a nice day !!
A force of nature, amazing anatomy and face in your late 30s, it is kinda hard to believe ! One in a million.
Hope to see you here for a long, long time, with your stunning body, beautiful face and green eyes.. and your dildos and naughty cock fantasies !
4 months ago 
Thank Goodness she did not!!!
4 months ago 
In the the all together again Vanessa. Just love the gorgeous curves added by the bare feet????
4 months ago 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you VANESSA Y. this week, Jan 24th !!!!
39 y.o. ?? and looking GREAT, better and sexier than ever !!
You are an absolute stunner, such an amazing woman, breathtaking all-natural anatomy and such a sexy beautiful face.
Beloved bush garden or not ?? Conflicting emotions ?? No worries !
Your famous hairy beaver is great, but I also like to see you with different "pussy styles", once in a while.. and a landing strip right there would be so sexy !!! and you can always let it grow, again !
Thank U Vanessa for sharing your beauty with us.
Let s wait and see what your pussy looks like next time ..
4 months ago 
Wow!Love her read title was like Nooooooooooooo............Shes as hot as a hairy 5 alarm fire!
4 months ago 
She is by far my favourite model. I'm glad the fur stays.
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