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Pull It Out For The Polish Princess

Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: December 24th, 2017
Photos: 100
The Polish Princess will make you pop. It's Vanessa Y. time, and for the first time, Vanessa speaks in Polish on-camera instead of English. In the kitchen, dressed in the traditional costume of Poland (bra and panties under a short robe and high-heeled pumps), Vanessa parades around, a little antsy, waiting for you to show up. At least we believe it to be the traditional costume of Poland. Maybe we're thinking of the Czech Republic. Vanessa has prepared a snack for you, but she keeps eyeing the sausage, which we're told is a Polish sausage. Unable to control herself, Vanessa picks it up and sucks on it. It must remind her of something. She rubs it between her bigly breasts and gets even more antsy.

What Members are saying about this update...

January 08, 2018
Amazing pictorial & incredible POV pics with that load on Vanessa s mouth, boobs and thighs ! SO HOT !!
Wish we could see more scenes from the Polish Goddess with also penetration in different positions, maybe with a smaller but realistic dildo, to make it easier and longer.
And wishful thinking for 2018 .. first ever real sex scene ?? with one of those lucky anonymous guys interacting "somehow" with Vanessa.. and a real dick .. AND/OR a Cock Fantasy GANGBANG scene with 3 squirting cock-shaped dildos, stroking, sucking and fucking at the same time ..
Just proposing .. that would be epic ! Real or Fantasy style.
I d love to see VANESSA Y. as often as possible in 2018, doing whatever she wishes .. let s wait and pray and see ..
Thank U SG and VANESSA !
December 28, 2017
I d go nuts, absolutely crazy .. !! member 2563069
I d freak out if I saw Vanessa in a scene with "the real thing" in a B/G scene !! OMFG !!!
Definitely Vanessa Y. is an extremely hot lady, but that is up to her.. and if she makes up her mind .. sometime (praying for that to happen !!!) I d love to see HER with an anonymous guy, rather than with a professional porn stud.
Just an opinion, if that ever happens ..!
Let s see what s on HER mind ...
December 27, 2017
Wow! What an extremely hot lady... please give her the real thing, she's too hot for fake games
December 26, 2017
Mind-blowing stunning pics !!
You look absolutely sexy and beautiful.
A real Polish Princess.
That yummy hairy pussy OMG! and also great pics of your legs and round ass cheeks just standing there .. from behind.
SO HOT and ELEGANT with your pumps on.. and nothing else.
And breathtaking pics of the POV BJ, your green eyes, that huge "cock" right in your sexy mouth, and that load on your face .. every last drop !
Much kudos !!
December 25, 2017
The Polish Queen is back with more Cock Fantasies !
Splendid hot pictorial, and what a beautiful face VANESSA Y. has ! with those green banging eyes and that sexy mouth of hers !!
Great pics of the Princess undressing, spreding her amazing hairy pussy lips, showing off her solid round butt cheeks ! and then those POV pics of Vanessa sucking & tittyfucking that big rubber shaft !
And breathtaking pics with that load on her face and boobs and legs

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