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Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: July 23rd, 2017
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Gagged and chained, Vanessa Y. struggles on the bed to escape. A red cord crisscrosses her big boobs and hair-lined pussy. Some villain in black has got the Polish princess in his dastardly clutches. He plays with her shapely body and big tits like she's a life-sized doll. Turning Vanessa over on her elbows and knees, the mystery man spanks her and spreads her ass cheeks apart to examine her thick pussy lips and abundant bush. When his strange desires are satisfied, he leaves her bound on the bed, high and dry. Vanessa manages to release herself but she is so excited from being dominated by this black-gloved stranger that she needs to cum so she dominates her pussy herself. It turns out that Vanessa likes a bit of fetish and fantasy kink, so being tied and spanked turns her on. .

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December 01, 2017
So HOT ! Vanessa being tied, groped and spanked ! I really wish that kinky fetish part was LONGER, and with the guy s bare hands.
And how come he leaves Vanessa... high and dry ??!!
Please! next time bring him back to finish the job properly ! and satisfy Vanessa ! Cock Fantasy style or .. some real action ???
She says "YES, I enjoyed it!" and "YES, I will do it again"
Craving some NEW stuff like this from you, Goddess VANESSA Y. !!
September 17, 2017
Please Vanessa, don�t make us wait too long ! Cum back asap with more S&M stuff and more naughty Fantasies of yours !
Voluptuous Model of the Year twice in a row, please give us some more hot stuff to celebrate this 2017 and make it unforgattable !
A raging boner from you, Busty Polish Queen, every time I see you, specially in your POV, Cock Fantasies and bondage scenes.
The more realistic squirting rubber shafts, the better !
The first part of this scene makes me so hard ..! Bound, gagged and spanked! and the way you smile & moan.. in delight and joy..
If only that bondage part was a bit longer ...
"Yes & Yes" Great to hear that ! Make it happen soon Vanessa !
The longer the SM session, the better !
And don�t forget to satisfy the anonymous guy in return .. fantasy style or the way u like it ..
August 18, 2017
Vanessa Y. is one of the hottest naturals around ! and being so excited from being dominated, groped and spanked (so hot! seeing her enjoying it!) makes it all UNCOMMONLY torrid and erotic !
GREAT JOB. Much kudos!
But why does the villain leave OMG ?? lol! when the best for both of them is yet to cum !! leaving Vanessa moaning .. high & dry ! & so horny ! and asking for MORE !!
Can t wait to see what s cummin next !
They both really got me for a few minutes, the SM part is awesome!
I was expecting the guy to carry on with a pussy stimulation and masturbation job though.. in the same scene, to fully satisfy the ultra sexually aroused Polish Kink Goddess, making her explode in a loud orgasmic delight !
Hope to see BOTH of them !! back soon ! playing with each other in another bondage session.
August 15, 2017
Kink plus Vanessa is heaven on earth.
Red lips, red rope and red high heels !
So red-hot stuff !!
I was expecting the anonymous villain to finish the horny bondage session pleasuring Vanessa, massaging and fingering her wet pussy, rubbing her clit while being still tied-up, and making her cum ! and in return, Vanessa unleashed afterwards, stroking, sucking & fucking the guy's huge "dick", fantasy style or the way she wished, till his final explosion !
Maybe next time ..
Vanessa says she wants MORE !!
So do we !!
"Yes & Yes" YEAH !!
Hey man! we're also looking forward to the next scene ! Lucky U !
Being right there with the GODDESS !
Please Part 2 of this asap !
Kink Queen VY just can't be beaten !!
August 11, 2017
Vanessa and bondage fantasies make a hell of an incredibly sexy team !
Please bring her back asap with another longer whole S&M episode and with some good fantasy rough sex "dick" action with the anonymous guy !
So sexy to see her smiling and moaning while being spanked !
August 08, 2017
Vanessa looks cock-stiffening whatever she does and she wears, but in this fetish fantasy kink pictorial is sexier than ever !
I hope she does a lot more stuff like this.
Can t wait to see this goddess again soon !
August 07, 2017
Mind-blowing Vanessa S&M ! OMG !
Hotter and naughtier than ever.
One of the hottest stuff I've ever seen.
So naturally sexy in the short bondage session with that guy.
Wish it was longer next time with Kink Queen Vanessa being dominated again, by two faceless "villains", touching her with their bare hands, and Vanessa enjoying it just like here, sucking & fucking at the same time, and getting fully satisfied & cream-covered.
What an epic Cocks Fantasy, fetish S&M style that would be Vanessa..
Ready to explode just thinking about it !!
August 04, 2017
Seeing Vanessa s kinky, rough, fetish side makes me blow my load like crazy ! in orgasmic delight, once and again !
Great to hear that u like it and enjoy it in your real life too !
Looking forward eagerly to seeing what u do to the "villain" in the second round !
So glad to hear u say "Yes & Yes, cum on, let s start again" !
The "mystery man" must be on fire !! and with huge blue-balls fully loaded OMG! So am I again Vanessa !
I d love to see the prolongation of this S&M hot session ! with you again being dominated, fucked & fondled, sucking & stroking, and finally getting SPANKED & SPUNKED, fantasy-style (or whatever u like Vanessa) with both of u getting satisfied ! ROCK ON VANESSA !
August 01, 2017
Splendid pictorial. So sexy and elegant with Vanessa Y. !
Definitely it turns out that she likes fetish and fantasy kink A LOT!
She says so! Yes! and being tied, groped and spanked turns her on!
She smiles, moans and wants MORE ! Give her more OMG !
The "anonymous villain" in black must be burning up like hell! after this HOT session, with a huge load inside his "cock".. blue-balls ready to dominate her again and explode !
Please ! the next 20 minutes of this amazing session SOON !
Vanessa says "come on, let s start AGAIN !!"
July 28, 2017
Queen Vanessa Y has done it again, with her kinky side this time.
Hotter than ever before, being dominated !
I wish the video was longer to see her "second round" with the "mystery villain".. (better without gloves next time ..?)
Nothing better than Vanessa s BDSM side, plus a Cock Fantasy! with one or two dick-shaped dildos, some good submissive action and Vanessa cumming again loud! with some big loads on her face and body .. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! A BDSM Cock Fantasy !
Thank u Vanessa for sharing this with us !
Great job TSG. Kinky AND stylish & tasteful. Much kudos!
Cum back soon with the prolongation ..

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