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Snow Job

Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: June 17th, 2017
Photos: 70
Snow time and show time means go time for Vanessa Y. Her foxy figure encased in a red bodystocking without a gusset--the better to expose her thick patch of hair pie, her legs slipped into long, black boots and covered by a long coat to keep out the chill, Vanessa makes her entrance into the house where you've been waiting impatiently. Vanessa sways and gyrates like an exotic dancer, lulling you into an erotic trance. She licks her big nipples and spreads her pussy very wide to show you her glistening pink and turns around to show you her ass cheeks and stick her pussy in your face. She dangles her big tits inches from you, a beautiful sight. Kneeling, Vanessa takes your wood out of your pants and lovingly sucks and licks it, leaving lipstick stains on it. She wants to do other things to your shaft. She wants you to sit back and enjoy her moves as she does to your cock what you've been waiting for. Vanessa has said that she has no interest in doing hardcore with men but she enjoys the fantasy sex in her videos and photos. She's hotter in these fantasy sex scenes than some porn stars are in actual hardcore.

What Members are saying about this update...

December 01, 2017
It s been a hell of a long time since July .. Vanessa.
Since you won VMag Voluptuous Model again, I was expecting more scenes this year 2017.. and see you more often "exploring" a lot more "sex fantasies"..
Maybe a final gift this year.. for ChristmASS ??
I really hope to see you with TONS MORE in 2018 !
You are Vanessa Y. my all-time TSG favorite Model.
So lonely without YOU here.. things ain t quite the same ..
October 30, 2017
Luckily enough for us Vanessa, we will see you again this year ! sharing with us MORE Cock Fantasies, another fascinating S&M scene or whatever naughty stuff you might come up with, Polish Queen !
You left us in summer wanting a whole lot more !
The more "cocks & loads" and kinky material, the better !
September 22, 2017
VMag model of the year for the second time in a row ! and hotter than hell fantasy sex scenes !
Craving more Cock Fantasies, Vanessa !
with longer "dick action" inside your hairy yummy pussy and bigger loads, please !
Hope we can see a lot more ..this year of your reign, Queen Vanessa.
September 01, 2017
450+ favorites and counting Vanessa. Yes !!
Really hope to see u back in September and for a long, long time.
Since u say your fav position is DOGGY, I d love to see u like that ! with the guy and the "cock" into motion ! and luckily enough .. with another big realistic toy, at the same time, in your sexy mouth (two "cocks" like in the GH), till u make them both cum! with a big load on your beautiful amazing butt cheeks and fuckholes, and the other one on your pretty face..
That s one of my fantasies Vanessa !
Hope u keep exploring a lot more Sex Fantasies here at Scoreland !
Cum back asap !!
July 19, 2017
Great cock-stiffenning pov fantasy scene again !
If u could also put the anonymous dude into some motion, just like during the titty-fuck, but in some more positions !
Doggy, missionary, piledriver ! ...
Or with 2 guys .. and 2 "cocks" ..
That would definitely take these Fantasies to a brand new higher level never seen before !!
Thank U Vanessa & SG !
July 11, 2017
Quite impressive pov sex scene and spectacular outfit Vanessa !
And also refreshing with the snow !
I d love to see u Vanessa with a good tan, and sexy tanlines, in some outdoor sex action now in summertime ..
And please ! with 2 big "cocks" again (or more !) like in her GH Fantasy ! SO DAMN HOT !!!
Vanessa, please take your deepest Cock Fantasies ( DP, Blowbang, Gangbang, S&M, cum covered endings ..?? or whatever your fantasies are), and turn them into realities .. here with those "big realistic cum shooters" of yours ..
July 06, 2017
Oh Vanessa ! Can t take my eyes off you and your mind-blowing amazing butt cheeks & yummy tight beautiful asshole.
How I wish you could give us some good closer views of that lil wonder of your anatomy back there..
Closer looks to see it winking at us, some gaping.. and if you played with it for a lil while, fingering it or sliding some kind of sex toy in there.. OMG! that d be a piece of heaven..
Thank U Vanessa for your POV scenes ! Keep them cumming !
July 04, 2017
VANESSA Y. 400+ favorites !!!
Let s celebrate !!
Please Vanessa, give us something "never-seen-before" type of scene, to make 2017 a year to remember & celebrate !
Hope we are in maybe for some kind of Cock Fantasy treat ..?! with more big cock-shaped dildos & "jizz" than ever before .. !!??
U R VANESSA Y. my all-time favorite Model here !
July 01, 2017
Vanessa, that ASS ! These pics .. wow !
That place between your magnificent butt cheeks, juicy & pink & yummy, and when u spread it nice & wide, right in our faces, a piece of heaven to sink one s nose & tongue into ! for hours .. mesmerizing !!
June 28, 2017
Gorgeous Vanessa, head to toe, and sexiest outfit so far this year.
"Erotic trance .. inches from us.. beautiful sight.. " Yeahh !!
A bit of a wish list now Vanessa, for some other POV fantasy scenes:
The vision of that "cum" on your hands and around your mouth, is one of the sexiest, hottest things I ve seen in quite a long time.
Craving, longing, hankering for a good big FACIAL, with those "loads" on your beautiful face, and in your sexy mouth also for a mind-blowing ORAL CREAMPIE , with "jizz" dripping down ..
Pics 63-64-65-66-67 are AMAZING !!!!!
That "cum" looks so sexy on you Vanessa !!
Thank U VANESSA Y. ! Cum back soon !

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