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The Busty Hitcher Who Came In From The Cold

This is not the way you expected the day to go. It was just a routine day like any other day. You were going to the store to pick something up and then going right home on this cold, snowy day. You didn't expect to pick up a woman with a traffic-stopping figure, a smile so bright she could blind you and a body so hot, she can turn snow into water. So when you saw this bouncing, shivering babe, dressed in a thick sweater and little denim shorts, standing in the road trying to hitch a lift, you slowed down. She looks like a girl traveling the countryside with her backpack and hiking shoes. When she lifts up her sweater to show her twin mountains nestled in a tight bra, you do a 180 and drive back. Her name is Vanessa Y. Just Y. "Please, it's so cold," Vanessa pleads.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: April 8th, 2017
Duration: 106

Member Comments

8 months ago 
I miss U tons already !
Vanessa Y. forever & for Voluptuous Model of 2017 !!!!!! for third time in a row.
Pretty face, hourglass figure, all-natural !! those green eyes, that ass !!!! those shapely legs, flawless round boobs, perfect hips and ankles of a model !!
So perfect shape ..
There's no one like U
Intense performer and easy going personality.
U got my vote forever.
1 year ago 
Vanessa ! what happened to the guy after the lift to Prague ??
At the end of the scene.. "maybe later".. "we will see.."
He d be definitely expecting some kind of appretiation and "flesh reward" from you .. lol ! thanking the rides ..
Hard as a rock after your horny show !! OMG !!
A tits & tug & blow jobs for that anonymous hard (for sure!) stiffy flag pole! would be heaven for him, exploding all over you.. & for us! your true fans, after all these years, and an EPIC moment of your splendid career !
Will u Vanessa consider this .. please.. a real cock with u in an astonishing scene ... "anonymous" makes it even hotter !!
1 year ago 
Just amazing! Vanessa Y. looks here incredibly YOUNG...!
She s kinda magic!
Skin, shape & face, even though she is in her late 30s, she looks a decade younger! and ALL NATURAL from head to toes.
Splendid pictorial to welcome her back, beautiful outdoor pics & mouthwatering boobs, butt and wide-open pussy lips.. omg!
Let s see what s coming up next Vanessa ....
When you get to Prague by car with that lucky guy ! as you say to him at the end of the video ..!
And please don t forget either ..the guy in "Hooked on Vanessa", and Joana Bliss for another nastier & hotter pool game .. ??
"Parts 2 time" please !! with more banging action !
Thank U VANESSA Y. for all the Orgasms.
Yours & mine !! ..always treated to amazing masturbation sessions!
1 year ago 
YES indeed !! "Vanessa s appeal produces a powerful effect"
I couldn t agree more !!
She is in perfect shape now, omg! and her round natural boobs are an obvious asset! but she is also incredibly beautiful, and has a sublime ASS !! a work of art .. I ve watching in detail her stunning bubble butt over the years, and a lot of close-up pics of that amazing part of her blessed anatomy !
It would be mind-blowing if we could enjoy more pics, and also close-ups in her videos of her breathtaking behind, and of both of her lovely fuckholes .. rear view...
I d really love to see some anal gape of that tight nice asshole of hers, and since she mentioned she ocassionally likes anal sex! see also some anal dildo action! from this astonishing Polish Goddess !
VANESSA Y. can t get enough of you !
1 year ago 
vanessa is the best,should be model of the year. vanessa is beautiful
1 year ago 
Magnificent pussy pics, and close-ups in the video, of Vanessa s beautiful face, and hypnotizing deep green eyes..
She looks absolutely great also with her clothes on, out in the snow
So natural, pretty and sensual.
I like pic 80 "on top".. 84-87 .. the way she shows us her stunning butt cheeks and fuckholes! and I always love the "lying on the coach ..painting-like" pics 81-83 !! with that natural perfect exposure of her flawless stacked blessed body !!
Oh Vanessa !!
1 year ago 
A naughty winter fairy tale with Vanessa Y.
She looks so beautiful in pic 1 ! Great set!
The more I watch it, the more I like it.
I agree Tom, that Vanessa is the sexiest woman on the planet!
Incredible wide open hairy pussy lips, mouthwatering large labia.. omg!
The anonymous driver must be burning up with a huge erection !
Let's see what happens when they both get to Prague !
1 year ago 
Just going slighty mad ! lol! watching in detail all your magnificent pics (omg! great job!) and wondering what you Vanessa could have in mind to pleasure the anonymous driver when U2 get to Prague !!!
The end of the video is quite alluring, tantalizing, intriguing .. "maybe later".. "we will see".. WOW !!!
..when the guy tries to reach for your round big natural knockers!
I d love to see Part 2 of this! & "Hooked on Vanessa" Part 2 aswell !
Can t wait ! we ll see.. lol!
1 year ago 
Vanessa deserves all the awards and accolades she receives. She is the sexiest woman on the planet! Thank you so much for honoring her achievement with such a spectacular set. It made my day!
1 year ago 
Vanessa, you are an amazing woman. By the way, congratulations for winning Voluptuous model of the year. You deserve it.
1 year ago 
I always like seeing Vanessa's hairy pussy. I like the look of surprise in photo 104.
1 year ago 
Pic 68 - EVERY Scoreland pictorial should have that shot! YES!
1 year ago 
love her! thats some nice HAIR!
1 year ago 
I really missed U Vanessa !
Congrats again & ready now to fully enjoy your brand new material !
Hopefully we ll see U around here OFTEN ! from now on !
And don t forget your horny Cock Fantasies !
What a big great surprise to see U back here again Vanessa Y. !!!!!!
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