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The Glory Hole Fantasy

Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: December 15th, 2016
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Vanessa Y. needs to tinkle. She's been having a good time drinking beer, her favorite beverage, with her girlfriends at the local pub. Vanessa enters the ladies room. This restroom is a real hole in the wall. In fact, there are several holes in the walls, put there so the male employees can spy on women on the throne. Vanessa feels a little horny so she decides to have a quick spank before joining her table. After that quickie, she spots the holes. Then two big dicks emerge through them. Vanessa decides to stay and have some suck and jack fun.

What Members are saying about this update...

March 09, 2017
Congrats Vanessa !! MODEL of the YEAR AGAIN !!
The Polish Queen reigns for the second year in a row !!
Cum back ASAP to celebrate the prize !!
Make this 2017 an unforgattable year for us, your true faithful fans.
Viva Polska !
February 06, 2017
Thank U Vanessa for letting us enjoy your glorious anatomy & your wide open precious hairy pussy, that juicy pink heaven of yours with big labia .. so yummy.
And thank U for sharing with us your horny Cock Fantasies !!
Keep 'em coming !!
Seeing U Vanessa stroking, sucking, tit & pussy fucking those "big dicks", and making 'em shoot their loads all over you is the ultimate shocking pleasure in life!
Don't stop delivering these thrilling scenes !!
The more "cocks" and jizz the better !!
It looks so good on U !
Viva Polska !!
January 31, 2017
VANESSA Y. really takes this "realistic-dildos cocks-fantasy" Concept to a breathtaking brand new level.
FAR HOTTER than most real sex b/g scenes, without a doubt, imo.
Please SG, KEEP THIS QUEEN FANTASIZING about "COCKS" as much & as long as possible ! and bring her back in February !!
And if she ever decides to go for the real thing .. OMFG !!!!!
She does know what to do with big dicks !
January 28, 2017
Praying to the Gods of Sex above to see the GODDESS VANESSA again asap in this 2017, with as many COCKS FANTASIES as possible !!!
She is such a heavenly whole lotta WOMAN..!
January 22, 2017
I watch these amazing pics, I got hypnotized, I cum hard !
Over and over again, and it s been over a month now !
The more, the better.
Living on a prayer to see here your NEXT COCKS FANTASY.
January 20, 2017
Never tired of watching this GH scene & set from Vanessa Y.
Permanent hardness. Enlarged & rigid prick again !
Need to see more Vanessa .. in the near future !
Any upcumming brand new horny stuff from you soon ??!!
January 18, 2017
One of the best TSG pictorials ever of this stunning beauty.
I particularly adore her face, her curvaceous round ass and her breathtaking crotch, just like heaven in there..
I just love the way Vanessa confidently spreads her ass cheeks to give us a complete and amazing sight of both of her glorious yummy fuckholes .. omfg!
She is a Goddess. Keep her coming every month forver.
January 18, 2017
This is a sexy dangerous combination ! Wow!
Vanessa in that tight mini-skirt, that impressive cleavage and those nice fuck-me shoes, in such a horny scene in the ladies restrooms with 2 of those ... cumming hard on her ! Awesome !!
It might work aswell for another Cock Fantasy video as a naughty secretary in an office, the old-fashioned way, with her anonymous "boss" getting his piece of heaven !
This scene really fucks my brains out ! just going nuts ! Superb.
A million thanks Vanessa.
Keep them cumming !
January 15, 2017
Have you been fantasizing lately with Cocks Vanessa ??
Hope to see you asap in another of your breathtaking horny videos !
More Cock Fantasies please Vanessa !!
January 12, 2017
Hi Vanessa!
Some proposals suggestions! put forward for your consideration for your next "Cock Fantasies"...
Hope you like some of them !
How about a Strip-Poker party game, with a couple of anonymous guys, with you removing your clothes, getting naked lil by lil, slow & easy, and then having sex with both of them !
Another GH concept video, in the changing room of a sexy lingerie store, or in a peep-show in a sex-shop, ending up sucking & fucking & "cum"-covered, just like in the ladies room, but with more fucking, and 2 or 3 "cocks"..
And in the locker room or the shower, after a hot sweaty sexy workout session, including a dildo on the gym mirror and some dildo-bike riding! and then another Cock Fantasy there..
Last but not least! ..a wet horny dream.. you wake up on your bed, in the still of the night, surrounded by several "cocks", GB style..
I really hope you Vanessa keep fantasizing with as many "cocks" as possible all round this 2017 !!
I stay tuned ! A million thanks!

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