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A Titter in Toyland

Featuring Vanessa Y.
Date November 19th, 2016
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When Pandora opened her box, things didn't go so well. It's a different story for Vanessa Y., Voluptuous Model of the Year winner in 2015 and candidate for the 2016 title. Vanessa has a box full of girl-toys with her in bed and she's going to try out every single one of them and pronounce judgment. They range from a giant Latex cock and balls to a wand. Which one will give her the jollies she wants? There will be a quiz later. As for Vanessa, she might want to consider a part-time job as a tester with Doc Johnson, the novelty producer. Vanessa's "Fantasy Dream Bang" has gotten more props than the wildest hardcore sex scenes at SCORELAND and the comments continue to come in. Vanessa has a powerful connection with the viewer that is totally natural. It can't be faked. A girl either has it or she doesn't.

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November 20, 2016
PERFECT WOMAN, HER NATURAL, LONG, HEAVY, PENDULOUS UDDERS MAKES HER TO BE A PERFECT FEMALE SCULPTURE, her body is just PERFECT. Beautiful face, amazing white skin, long pussy labia then her marvelous long and heavy natural tits, notice how spectacular her body is captured on images Y023, Y024, Y033, Y034 that is because her full body is captured on frame, we can judge everything her body proportions, her long boobs, her waist line in comparison with her hips, then her legs, all her curvy body is registered on camera, imagine if we can have always this kind of FULL BODY IMAGES SHOWING PERFECTLY THE FRONT, SIDE, AND BACK that is the best way to capture the model's full beauty the FULL BODY FROM HEAD TO TOE NOT JUST SECTIONS. PLEASE DEAR SCORE INCLUDE ALWAYS MORE OF THE FULL BODY SHOTS, THEY ARE ALWAYS MINORITY and sometimes not even one image because sometimes model is covering the boobs with hands. These kind of images, the front, side and back the purpose of those images is to registry her body proportions as real as the camera can captured the body in front of her that is why she should not be bending or covering the boobs. it should be just her body standing straight with arms down. If you can do that possible for every model that will be the best images capturing all the beauty from all your stunning models specially if they are super long tits like Vanessa Y. THANKS
November 20, 2016
Vanessa is a woman! I love her big boobs and hairy pussy. I love watching her have orgasms.
November 20, 2016
You guys can call it a day if you would just post one of her sets every week. Without a doubt the greatest Score Girl/Woman ever.
November 20, 2016
Vanessa is more beautiful than ever here. Thank you Mother Nature and thank you Vanessa to offer us your marvelous body :)
November 20, 2016
Beautiful Tits...Fabulous Hairy Cunt!!
November 20, 2016
Good to see u Vanessa again, this time with those dildos and vibrating devices just for your own pleasure!
I love your stunning face & glorious anatomy, and your sweetness & sensual intensity in every single scene.
It really is a magical & amazing blend !
Just wow!
November 20, 2016
Another Perfect 10 with all those sex toys !
Incredibly beautiful woman.
Vanessa is all in!

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