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The Girl Can't Help It

The voting for Voluptuous Model of the Year 2015 was intense with Hitomi, a previous winner, going head-to-head with Liza Biggs and Vanessa Y. Ultimately, Vanessa hauled in the most votes. B.B. echoed others with his comment about Vanessa, "What a Polish beauty she is, and she won Model of the Year. I love to gaze upon those big beautiful tits and that sweet, hairy pussy." Vanessa was surprised at her win. She met Hitomi in the Dominican Republic and thinks she's gorgeous. Vanessa likes older men. They're interesting to her. "They have more understanding because of their experiences in life," said Vanessa. She's turned off by muscle-types after a bad experience.
Featuring: Vanessa Y.
Date: September 15th, 2016
Duration: 65

Member Comments

1 week ago 
VANNESA Y. takes me to higher places, beyond the realms of blissful hardness.
What an splendid all-natural curvy anatomy .. and such a pretty and sexy face.
She is beyond mind-blowing ! And so ELEGANT.
Gasping for MORE !!!
5 months ago 
Amazing Polish beauty at her best.
Vanessa will turn 39 next week !!! (Jan 24th !!!) and she is getting better and sexier and more elegant than ever before.
Any special celebration here ?!?
"VANESSA met HITOMI in the Dominican Republic and thinks she is gorgeous" !!!
Please that would be an epic lesbian TEAM !!!
And VANESSA Y. and newcomer AGNES POULIN !
6 months ago 
Vanessa .. flawless, elegant, all-natural shapely anatomy of a Goddess.
And such a beautiful face.
Again .. 3rd in a row??
I really hope so ! and drooling already to see you again Vanessa.
Since you ve been gone (july) .. nothing compares to YOU.
8 months ago 
Vanessa can't help it !
And I just can't falling in love with U .. VY !
U make my dick go harder & harder .. beyond belief !
478 favorites & counting fast !
Need U so badly .. it's been so lonely without u here since July ..
Craving some more Fantasies, S&M, lesbian ... whatever u wish .. please ASAP !!!
Still reigning & going for the 3rd throne VMag in a row ..
Hope u win & to see a lot more of U this year 2017!
There's still a whole lotta Sex Fantasies for you VANESSA to explore & to share here with all of us !
Hooray VY & SG !!
1 year ago 
I ve been watching a whole lotta pictorials since Vanessa s very beginning, and omg! she was a cute & slim!! heavenly young lady ! with a stunning round ass & a nice pair of tits already back then !
She is a voluptuous all-natural outstanding woman now ! getting better & better every year, in her late 30s !
Imo we are definitely enjoying here , the BEST VANESSA Y. EVER !
Great job SG !!
Hopefully we ll be enjoying HER back here, in the short term! to celebrate her second triumph in a row! as Voluptuous Model of the Year, with hotter, naughtier, nastier, hornier than ever .. tons of new scenes & pics !!
Plz cum back real soon !
1 year ago 
My eyes, they see but I can't believe.
Vanessa's natural beauty is beyond belief.
She's such a work-of-art.
So sensual and elegant.
A dream come true.
Just can't wait to see your beautiful face, with those deep hypnotizing green eyes, and your stunning anatomy once again.
You are what my sweetest dreams are madre of.
Come back soon Vanessa.
And thank you for letting us enjoy your glorious naked anatomy in such a great detail.
You are Heaven on Earth.
1 year ago 
Vanessa is naturally endowed beyond belief.
She really is beyond the realms of beautiness and sexiness.
Always ready to arouse sexual desire in every unimaginable way.
One-of-a-kind. Unique. The one and only Vanessa Y.
1 year ago 
A perfect natural 10.
A heavenly Goddess.
Words are not enough to describe her unimpaired beauty.
Vanessa is what my dreams are made of.
A timeless Queen.
1 year ago 
WOW !! And you say you "tried to have sex in public, once at a pub .. no one saw us" OMFG ! What a brilliant breathtaking idea for a NEW SCENE HERE, either real, or FAKE with a big realistic dildo !!! or dancing at a disco and having some kind of sex in the WC !! the old-fashioned way!
PLEASE VANESSA and SG !! Make it real the way Vanessa likes it better, with this great Vanessa s real life script ! WOW !
Or maybe time for a GLORYHOLE scene with two big life-like dildos in the restrooms wall, HITOMI or LINSEY style, with big jizz loads ..!
Just imaging those, gives me a rock-hard throbing erection !!!
1 year ago 
Too much to handle! Vanessa makes me cum like crazy !!
No wonder SHE won Model of the Year. Hope she wins AGAIN !
My vote goes for HER!
Keep her coming every month, and not alone in her videos...
GG! or BG sometime ?? Thank you Vanessa and Score.
1 year ago 
So pale, stacked & beautiful.
Pretty face, stylish look & stunning body all in one.
Can't wait to see her again (hopefully asap & as often as possible!) in November & December, and in her second throne as MODEL of the YEAR !!
1 year ago 
Most stylish, elegant model in this site.
Keep her coming please Score !
1 year ago 
And those close-up shots of Vanessa's pussy are just incredible !
What an amazing gallery.
1 year ago 
Curvaceous hourglass figure in this elegant pale stunning woman.
Vanessa is a permanent state of pure bliss.
Wouldn't change a thing.
1 year ago 
"The girl can t help it" and I can t help falling in love with Vanessa ! and losing my mind for her breathtaking body !
1 year ago 
Vanessa seems to be the kind of humble natural woman, with an outstanding work-of-art body, and a beautiful face, that any man would die for..
Vanessa .. we want more & more.
Never enough ...
1 year ago 
Vanessa pulls me into a frenzy of pure desire, with every video and pics
A stroking spree .. She is beyond the realms of pleasure.
Not of this earth.. so naturally talented..
1 year ago 
A woman to die for. So beautiful, stacked and elegant.
For some upcoming videos, just for a change, a thrill, a kick..
Cosplay costumes and role-playing scenes ..
Outdoor nudity .. walking around naked
Skimpier bikini or monokini, with oil or not ..
Gym workout, including the mirror, and a dildo&bycicle devive..
Some dancing-twerking stuff, with sexy music..
Hope you Vanessa agree with some of these ideas in the near future !
1 year ago 
I'm falling head over heels for Vanessa .. going slightly mad !
Deeply in love with her..
1 year ago 
We want, we wish ..
"Hooked on Vanessa" part 2 : Cock Fantasy 2 !
And please team up again with Joanna Bliss for a second, naughtier, rougher, dirtier pool table lesbian hardcore game !
Or any other GG or GGG threesome scene with some good strap-on & dildo action!
Vanessa, you have everything any man could ask for in a woman, and such a nice tight lil asshole to play with ..
Any dildo or fingering in there sometime .. omg!
I would lick u all over like forever ! WoW !
1 year ago 
Nothing compares to you Vanessa Y. There's no other Model like you.
That ass, those natural big boobs, those hips & legs, those legs and mouth & eyes ..
Come back asap !
Permanent hard on ..
1 year ago 
I completely agree with Hot Rod .. ! And some latex bdsm style ??
Vanessa Y. is so naturally stacked and sexy ! And those eyes .. omg!
All in her comes out naturally with a magnificent voluptuousness.
Such a beautiful human creature, so kissable, lickable and fuckable in every possible position.. an angel sent from above! A Goddess.
1 year ago 
ANOTHER blown opportunity to shoot SUPER hot Vanessa Y. without a bra in a form fitting dress....WTF can't you photographers or Editors see how hot that would be???? Get with it !!!!

I DO love the natural bush. Vanessa Y. is one SUPER hot Natural beauty. Thanks for the layout
1 year ago 
Eastern Europe meeting Eastern Asia !!
Poland meets Japan !!
Big natural boobs all over the place, from these two Goddesses, with some good strap-on & dildo action, from Hitomi giving pleasure to the Polish Queen Vanessa Y, since the Japanese model cannot show her female assets .. vagina labia and clit .. and Vanessa in return, working hard on Hitomi's tits, mouth & tight asshole...
Joana Bliss, who knows Vanessa quite well already.. is also invited to this lesbian party dream..
Already drooling, just thinking about this mind blowing epic girls video !!
1 year ago 
I'm completely mad about Vanessa. This hairy pussy makes me so happy and her ass too. I really love Vanessa :)
1 year ago 
OMG more of Vanessa viva POLSKA
1 year ago 
Whatever her size, weight, hair colour, skin tone, age.. u name it, she is a creature not of this Earth
And such a nice and natural woman !
And .. what a beautiful face, and the way she looks at you, and the way she moves & spread her legs & her pussy lips ...
She's like a good wine getting better & better every year. So gorgeous.
Vanessa, let us enjoy your videos & galleries as often as possible, like for ever !! and give us some more breathtaking surprises, just like this summer, with the oil session & the cock fantasy .. hope there will be some more cock fantasies & realities coming up real soon, & whatever you have for us!
Your faithful fans !
The more realistic and never-seen-before.. the better !!
Thank U Vanessa Y. & SG
1 year ago 
I love it that although she occasionally shaves her pussy, she lets it grow back. I love her furry pussy.
1 year ago 
Wow Vanessa !
So fuckable in every possible position, including your fav doggie style, and that tight asshole of yours pov ..
U mention that u like occasional anal sex, and u also did already several lesbian BDSM v�deos, some time ago, and u also got along quite alright with the jap busty goddess Hitomi ..
Why don't u put all these pieces together, somehow
Some lesbian BDSM new stuff ( u r great at it!) with Hitomi and/or Joanna Bliss (part 2) or whoever u like best.. including some anal strap-on action.. or whatever surprise u might think of !
That would be just a bliss
Vanessa please !
Some lesbian action again like never before !
1 year ago 
She's really a beauty I love that skin and that hairy crotch really wonderful!
1 year ago 
Ohh Vanessa Y. ! U R such an elegant, natural and fuckable work of art !
That gorgeous body and face of you couldn t get any better. Round big juicy natural knockers, stacked figure, long curvy legs with that amazing superb bubble big butt! and that tight lil asshole...
A dream woman, with long hair, mesmerising deep green eyes and a beautiful smile. Vanessa, you deserve here your own site in SG.
1 year ago 
Vanessa is one of your greatest models ! I love her !
1 year ago 
As I advanced through the series of photos, I became harder and harder. Ms V, you are totally amazing. 5/5 babe. Keep giving us these excellent photos.
1 year ago 
Sexiest all-natural on Earth ! and in her late 30s !
So elegant, so beautiful, so sexy, so natural, so sweet, such a tease and a hard on just by looking at her green eyes and voluptuous stacked body! Best eye-banger ever, as good as it gets!
Need HER every month!
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